Monday, September 30, 2013

The Big ONE

My Bird,
One year ago I learned something that words cannot even begin to describe. Something that four little letters seemed so subpar to label it with. I learned there is a love far greater than any I’ve ever known, and that love is totally wrapped up in you. Your eyes drew me in the moment that I first saw you and I’ve been mesmerized by you every day since.  And I knew at that first instant, that God had given me the most important job in the world; to be your mother.

One year ago at 1:21 I heard your sweet cry. I spent that entire night staring at your precious face, thanking God for this blessing. One year ago, your daddy held you for the first time, and I don’t think he’ll ever let go. One year ago we became a family of three. And without a doubt this has been the best year of our little life. Because of you I am so much more than I ever thought I wanted to be. I’m a mom, a healer, a comforter, someone to laugh with (and at), and a security. I’m a personal chef, maid, and chauffer, to the most grateful of employees. Because of you and your dad I know the deepest meaning of love and gratitude.

As if overnight my 7lb 15oz tender soul turned into a charismatic walking talking one year old. You’ve come so far in one short year, I am so eager to watch you grow for the rest of eternity. Don’t stop here my Bird, you have a world ahead of you. You are the light of everyone’s life. You walk into a room and it’s instantly filled with laughter. People always tell me it’s that smile with your eyes that just seem to be so contagious. Play some music and you’ll start an entire dance party with complete strangers. 

You have become such a beautiful girl, inside and out. Whatever you have, you want to share it with others. Rather it be your snack or your smile, you seem to spread like wild fire. You have a confidence about you on the things that you’re sure of, but are humble to stay by my side until you master your goal.  You are quick to learn; new dace moves, high fives and pound-it, body parts, and words. You assume that everyone on the phone is your Nana. If you haven’t seen Daddy in a while you are sure to talk nonstop about him. Once you wake up from your nap, it’s all about calling for Mama. And the boys are your favorite puppies to cuddle and converse with.  You take full advantage of any down time the boys have and cuddle up with them on the floor.

You are a solid girl…you know what you want when you want it. Pointing followed by a few indistinguishable words will usually get the point across. You love shoes… LOVE shoes. Your shoes, my shoes, Grandmas shoes…doesn’t matter; you attempt to walk around in them. You will knock on the front door and tell yourself to come it. And when you get mad at the dogs for tripping you, you’re sure to scold them with large amounts of attitude. You’ll try any food once but you will eat fruit all day long. You eat three eggs for breakfast.

Your accomplishments go on and on. You’re perfect. Not in a way that I used to understand, but in a way that through every insecurity I might have as a mother, I see you as perfection. You give me the courage and strength to be a better me. I hope that I never fail you. I love you my baby Bird. Know that above all things…you are so very loved.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Five Ways to Say "Pull"

Retirement has brought a lot of new hobbies to my Pop, and one of them is perfecting his highly skilled shooting abilities. He's a Trap and Skeet shooter, and dang good too. Better than any other.  I practiced my trigger pulling and played a couple rounds of trap while my Pop and his fellow teammates shot skeet.

Found my new favorite hobby. 

Sunday brought a trip to the Zoo. Bird enjoyed cruising around on Poppas shoulders.

And the rest of the weekend was well spent with exploring with Nana. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sundays In The Park

You know what I love? Sundays in the park. Maybe preceded by a bike ride with the boys, and followed by some dancing to music in the meadow. Bring a couple of tuna fish sandwiches and a Yoo-hoo or two and call it a lunch. Throw all of these together and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine Sunday.

Turns out I just had me a pretty dang perfect Sunday. 

And don't forget your camera...because it's perfect outside for some picture takin'.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Month 11

Another month of travels for you Bird. You, Nana, Papa, Dad and I all piled in the truck once more and drove 8 hours to Longmont, Colorado.  And once we got there, we drove some more. For a split second, we thought Dad’s job was going to move us there. It would have been a big town, with lots of parks, lots of people, and even more stores. But after a lot of thought, we decided we’re pretty happy with our selection of parks and people right here at home.

I’m so smitten by you; always have been, always will be. Every day your smile gets bigger and just when I think my heart can’t any fuller, your crooked little grin fills it up even more. You have truly found your place in this little family, right in the center. You’re a daredevil, a thinker, and even more so a doer. You’re quite the performer thinking that everything you do deserves a standing ovation…and you get it. You play peek-a-boo with anything that you can pull over your head; blankets, pillows…the cat, whatever. I’m seeing your little sensitive soul shining through. One stern word and you’re all tears. Dad told you to stay out of the dog food (seriously kid, when will that end??) and there you went, screaming down the hall way to find me. Another moment later and you’re in the kitchen cupboards. With Dad right behind you, you were quick to redirect yourself elsewhere.

 You have this sense of life already. You seem to know what’s what. You are quick to make decisions about what you want (or don’t want) and usually there is nothing to do to change your mind. That’s one of my favorite things about you. You know what, how, and when you want it and it’s usually always now. You’re eating everything. Whatever we put in front of you, you eat it, which makes life so much easier for everyone.

You’re beginning to identify objects with words. Mama, Dad, “Ba” for the boys, and everything else is Dih-dih. But when you see Frankie you just scream with excitement. You and Frankie are just beginning your relationship. He steered clear of the baby stage, but for some reason is right by your side through your pulling-tugging-hitting stage.  You give him the biggest bear-hugs every time he lies next to you.

Since the time you were born, Grandma has been teaching you anatomy. Maybe it has something to do with her Nursing school, but you have finally located the nose. Your nose. My nose. The boys’ nose. The nose of the man on TV. Grandma is on to eyes next, and before long you’ll know the whereabouts of the clavicle and xiphoid process.

It’s all about the speed right now. Walking is for babies, but running is for big kids. (Flying for the Birds? Oi vey) You throw your arms up in the air and take off. Daredevil, I say. Anything that gives you a rush, you ask to over and over (and over and over and over) again. Dancing crazy around the living room and Grandpa is your favorite.

We went fishing. And since you love water so much, it was hard to keep you out of the lake with the fish; very counterproductive. Nonetheless, you had the time of your life.  Just like your Momma, your love for animals is shinning through; definitely the boys (which, by the way, you are sneaking the majority of your breakfast to right now) and Frankie, but recently chickens and the horses. Every time the chickens cluck you’re right there with them chirping away. You just want to touch one but I’m going to hold off on the chicken chasing for now. The horses are a little more intimidating now that you realize the power of size.  But you just want to be near them.

You love to pull things behind you. Drum to the beat of music. You put things on the floor and then stomp on them. Everything ends up in the dog's water bowl. And you can put your arms and legs through your clothes by yourself. 

Next month is emotionally off limits for me. I’m excited for every stage of life you enter, but am I really the mother of a one year old. ONE. I’ve been counting your age in months, but next month I start over in years. Wow my little Bird. Stay who you are, and I love who you are becoming. You are my sunshine, laughter, and full heart. I love you my Bird.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Family With a Side of Reunion

I reckon most family reunions are this melodic weekend of people singing Kumbaya around a camp fire, friendly games of four-square, and strolling down Memory Lane sharing fond memories of the yonder years.

I said most. Not mine.

There was somewhat of a resemblance though. Instead, we sang Leonard Cohen and G-Love from the acoustic stylings of my cousin. Scrabble was our game of choice, and it wasn’t very friendly…we’re a competitive bunch. And our stroll down Memory Lane was more like a tromp down Painful Path, reminiscing on boiling water incidents, 50 foot makeshift tree swings, and all the bumps and bruises that coincide with a family of mostly boys.  Everything went exactly like a Brooks’ family reunion should go; razzing, taunting, and teasing…all in good fun I suppose.

It’s a whole different experience attending a family reunion as an adult. You get the true inside scoop of being a Brooks’ and all of the sudden you’re not sure if you’re more proud or more ashamed to be a part of the family. Either way, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I loved watching my Pop play with his brothers just as if they were teenagers (Roman candle wars included). They cut each other down and build you right back up in the same conversation.  The diversity in my family was pleasantly surprising, but what it all boils down to is that we’re a family. The late night political/ethical debates are long forgotten before the next morning’s cup of coffee. Because in the mountains, lifestyle doesn't matter. Individual point of views were put aside and we all enjoyed the company of being together.

Bear dove head first into being a full time uncle and Pop was head honcho with his new role as Poppa. We took hikes, hunted for golf balls in the river, went fly fishing, made candy apples, and ate some of the best ribs my pop’s ever made.

Hillary came up to the Mountain House the last few days, and as expected, made a better Brooks than I did. We left the mountains behind for the concrete jungle of the big ATL. Atlanta is a surprisingly green city; trees and parks on every corner.  Andrea came up for three days; it was like one big pre-teen slumber party. There is nothing better than being reunited with your life-long best friends when you all live 2,000 miles apart. Our heart strings are strong and long, and proven to last a lifetime.  Ah, tears of missing those two are starting to fall…muststopwriting. 

Family reunions on all accounts were a huge success, but nothing beats walking down the airport terminal, seeing my Momma waiting there for her Bird and me. 

The Wyoming Welcoming committee was wide-eyed and waiting for the arrival of their Bird. Grandma and Grandpa have requested that we never leave again, and Brent was more anxious than anyone for us to come home.  Missed that hubby of mine.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Confidence Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Aren’t girls funny? Aren’t we funny, especially with our hair? I mean, our hair sets our total vibe of who we are, our style. What goes better with your new chevron pattern dress than a hipster bun on the top of your head? Or daisy duke shorts and long loose curls. Feeling frumpy? Pull it up in a ponytail to complete your I’m a mom and I don’t give a hoot look. I’ve always used my hair as a safety net. Because, let’s be honest, I don’t have that rocking hot bod to center my style around. So instead I use my hair. I always felt most confident with my long locks. There’s just something about long red hair that gives me that confidence boost when my extra 10 pounds and I are out in public. It was easy to be the “girl with long red hair”. But now…I’m 25 with a husband, a baby, and….short hair. Where oh where is my confidence going to come from?

Found it.

It comes from my husband. Long hair, short hair, un-showered, sweat pants, or no makeup…I’m just as fabulous to him as those hot Victoria’s Secret models that I know he checks out in the commercials. I no longer worry about what the sexy man in the grocery store line thinks of me and my current do. I now take into full consideration that the only man I want to attract prefers short hair. And so it was done.

Love that man of mine. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Month 10

               10 months means I can officially start planning your one year birthday party. Too soon? Not that I’m in a hurry for you to grow up; I’m just looking for excuses to buy you a party dress (and maybe one for me too…). But it doesn’t matter what month it is, it seems the whole world is infatuated with the bird. Maybe I’m exaggerating a tad, but hey, I’m biased.  People seem so surprised to learn you are only ten months. I love seeing the smile on your face as you put on a show for anyone willing to watch, and trust me, the crowds just seem to gather.  You’ve added a few tricks to your repertoire, like stair climbing for example. Nana and Poppa’s house has a lot of stairs and that’s all you want to do all day. You never bore of it. You are moments away from walking. It’s the scariest yet most exciting thing that’s happening around here. You have the skill and technique, so all it will take is the bravery to just let go of my finger that you’re barely holding on to anyway. You will go forever just holding my hand and walking anywhere your feet can take you. I love watching you master your body control. In church you dropped your toy, climbed off the pew and ducked under to get it. You knew ever step you needed to take to master your goal. 

Remember when I promised we wouldn't travel for long periods of time without daddy ever again? Woops.  But we missed so much him the entire time we were gone. We went to North Caroline for a Brooks’ family reunion for a week then we drove down to Atlanta to visit your Aunties Hillary and Andrea. You flew on an airplane for the first time. I stressed for weeks over flying with you. But as I expected, you were perfect; not a peep of sadness the whole time.  You made a lot of friends along the way, especially the baby behind you. But that relationship ended quickly…you were rather intense with the poor kid.

North Carolina was another first for you; you met all of your aunts and uncles and most of your cousins for the first time.  You had a blast being constantly entertained by everyone.  Then it was on to Atlanta for some Auntie time…I’ll say it again Bird, those ladies love you. I can’t wait for you to look back on picture of you with Andrea and Hillary and know that they have been a part of your entire life.

Well, considering the fact that you’re out the back door and half way off the porch, I better go supervise. I love you my little Bird. Ohsovery much. 

 Noteworthy experiences:

  • Massive blow out + no change of clothes = running around Home Depot naked
  • Everyone in swim class called you Mermaid 
  • It took you  ten minutes to figure out how to walk holding on to me
  • You are trying to learn how to clap
  • You love cold water, rain, and warm baths
  • Your hair is coming in...and it's blonde