Monday, May 17, 2010

Ever After

      Life is grand, isn't it?! I mean, everyone one has their struggles, every day holds its own challenges and obstacles, but knowing that you are surrounded by amazing family and friends makes it all worth it.  My sister-in-law wrote a beautiful blog that really makes you realize what life should be about.  ( for anyone who is interested, it's titled "Happy")  I tend to read other blogs and compare my life to those.  What really is a blog? Why do we post the things we do? Is it to impress others with our amazing perfect lives? I hope not! I like to think it's just to account for the "goin’-ons" in life, but sometimes you wonder with some people. My plans for my blog is at the end of the year have all the entries made into a book.  That way, we will have our photo album, scrapbook, and story all in one! It's so funny to read the different blogs and realize what is important to each one of us. 

      Take my BEST FRIEND of 21 years Hillary for example. She blogs about sustainability, food, pottery, business cards, and all other things “hillary” ( She absolutely adores her life, wouldn't have it any other way. I feel the same about (the majority of) my life.  The kicker: our lives are 100% completely and totally different. But that's just how we are, we have always been different...I think that is why we are so close. We have been compared as "a hot air mass that meets a cold air mass that turned into a giant tornado" (her dad) Now either that makes for some crazy weather....or a really strong friendship. Either way, I can't help but wonder what would happen if we switched lives. Hillary is days away from graduating with a degree from Savannah College of Art and Design, one of the most prominent art schools in the Nation. After that, she heads to Alaska, then New Zealand, then who knows where! She goes out with friends, dresses up for Halloween, drives a mini-cooper, wants to save the world in one way or another, and has never judged a single soul in her life.  She has no political stand point, could care less about sports (except occasionally the Heat), and is the furthest person away from settling down with a man or a career (for now). She is tied down to absolutely nothing, completely free. Travel is on her mind, careers can come later.

       Me? Well, I'm almost done with school, I am marrying the man of my dreams, and our nights consist of cuddling on the couch in each others arms not paying attention to the TV because we like to stare at each other. I rarely go out...and if we do it's with our families.  I am career bound. I own an house, two cars, two dogs, and a cat.  I am settled in life and my adventures happen in our yard. I drive a truck, and would rather save the animals at my local animal shelter than third-world countries. I am captivated by politics and religion and study them both immensely.  Do you think we could be any more different? We both live life to the fullest of our individual wants. We spent the first 15 years of our lives living identically. Day to day activities were done side by side, but yet we grew up to be….well, I would say oil and water, but I’ll go with PB&J (without the bread for Hill) since we actually go really well together.  

      Switch us for a day and I’m sure hell would break loose.  Awhile back, I wasn’t happy with my life AT ALL! I used to compare our lives constantly! I would get so sick of hearing how much fun she was having, and how many guys liked her, and how she had all these amazing life plans. I would like to say I wasn’t jealous, but I really was…not because she was so called “free”, but because she was enjoying her life and I wasn’t. Why did she get to be the gorgeous one? Blonde, skinny, amazing personality. I couldn’t be more happy for her, I am so proud of all she has done, doing and will do. She has the world in her hands… but I think I spent just as much of my time comparing our lives as she did. Any time I call(ed) her with a problem or worry, she always responded with the most positive upbeat response telling me how amazing I am, and how perfect or beautiful, or funny, or whatever good thing she loves about me! And I honestly think she really thinks that about me, even if, at times I didn’t.  But now that I am finally incredibly, perfectly, and completely happy with my own life, I can stop comparing it to others, and just be happy for them. 

       Everyone has their own path they need to follow.  Rather you believe it is all predetermined, or if it’s consequential of your daily choices, everyone’s road is different.  I am so grateful to be walking in the shoes that are on my feet.  Because who knows, had I been living the same exact life as Hill, I could very well be miserable, searching for someone else’s’ perfect blog to indulge my self-pity.

Alas, I feel like I am indeed living my own fairy tale right now. Wedding, wedding, and more wedding.  Anyone who just looks at me can see the excitement busting out the seams.  We are T- minus 25 days and counting.  Plans are coming along perfectly.  I was once told by my former monster…mother-in-law… that if things were meant to be, then it would all work out.  Well, look how well that worked for her and her son…but I can honestly say that everything in my recent life has just been coming together great….it’s all working out, so I guess it’s meant to be!! Happily Ever After

The Then's

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love that picture of you guys dressed up like little princesses! It is soooo cute! How do you come up with things like this? Your so deep! All of my posts are silly! lol