Monday, December 13, 2010


Don’t get all worked up. I’m not beating the dogs or starving my husband. But I am more than guilty of blogger cruelty and neglect.  Which as of yet, I don’t think is a capital offense, but regardless I am blameworthy for my transgressions and accept full responsibility.  My punishment: blogging my little tush off.

Let’s see, last blog we discussed how absolutely amazing my Pop is. And although he is still just as cool and noteworthy, so many things have happened in the month and a half that I’ve left you hanging.

I had every intention of staying updated on my blog, but after writing all about the incredible adventures we had in Las Vegas and at the Grand Canyon and uploading a bazillion pictures, lovely blogger decided to crash and delete every word and every pixel of my post. I was a little turned off to blogging for a while. Sorry folks. But once the urge to erase blogging from my memory and implant a bug in to blogspot ceased, I’m back in action.

(Excuse me while I stalk my own Facebook to remember of my November happenings).

November in a nut shell:

Las Vegas was GREAT! Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles LOVE show. Margaritaville. The Strip and all it has to offer. The Mirage Hotel.  Hoover Dam. The Grand Canyon and all of our beautiful family memories.  AMAZING!

The whole trip really was an adventure of a life time. Brent and I are so grateful to have an amazing Mom and Pop to treat us to such an amazing trip! Love you both.

We returned home from one epic trip to some very anxious puppies; one of which got Kennel Cough while he was in a boarding facility. Poor little Tank. He spent a week coughing like a car horn, but made a more than full recovery!

Thanksgiving was spent with the Clark family here in Lyman. It was filled with a delicious meal followed by an outrageous game of Cranium, which consisted of my cute husband not knowing how to sing the ever-so-popular song “Pretty Woman”, inevitably loosing the game for us.  Just teasing, we make a great team in all that we do.

The morning after Thanksgiving, Brent and I participated in our first ever “Black Friday” experience. I insisted that getting there at 3:30 am was a full necessity, and so it was done.  Wal-mart before dawn truly brings out the worst in this cute newly-wed couple and let’s just say that we probably won’t make this a tradition.

This has been a horrible football season for us. The Cowboys were projected for the Super bowl but crashed those dreams with this horrible season. And the Florida Gators are having a hard time learning how to play football without my boyfriend Tebow.  I’m going to start watching golf. I won’t get worked up enough to start throwing TV’s I think.

Hillary wee-wee came to visit. On her way out to Crested Butte, Colorado for the winter season, she stopped in four a couple of days. This is the closest we have lived to each other in 7 years, and By George, we will take full advantage of a measly 8 hour distance.  Lots of miles to be put on my truck!

Remember Booger? Not the ones from my nose, but our super cool new cat? Ya, well, he is gone. MIA. Found a new home. Ran over. Whatever. But my poor little Boog is not in my arms where he belongs. I am heartbroken. He truly completed our little four legged family. Frankie has gone back to his comatose state of sleeping in his rocking chair, and the big kids (dogs) stare out the doggie/cat door longing for Booger to come waltzing in.  So, if you happen to see the cutest little black cat wondering around your yard, bring him back to me.

On other news! Brent got in the hiring pool at FMC! Which is completely God sent! He truly answered our prayers and things are on the up and up as far as jobs! As for now, he is still gone Monday through Thursday, and yes, it still sucks. As for me, I am almost done with my EMT class! I have been taking shifts on the ambulance and getting tons of amazing experience and LOVING every minute of it. I take my final on January 24th.

We are in full swing of Christmas here. I have been Christmas shopping since December 26th of 2009 and haven’t stopped. I just absolutely love this season.  I feel like Pre-Christmas happenings deserve a blog all on its own, so you’ll just have to wait.

But there is the update for you. I will never go without blogging again. 
It’s my therapy.

The boys are good. Family is good. We are good. Life is good. 
God is good! Amen!  

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  1. Wow! So much to comment on... can I just say I've missed reading your blog a lot?!
    It sounds like things are going so well for you guys, minus the missing kitty. :( He was so darn cute...
    I've been wondering about your EMT course too! That is so exciting that you're doing (I guess you'd call it) clinical hours! :)

    Don't go so long without blogging again! Seriously!