Friday, June 24, 2011

Cheap Labor

There is nothing better on a perfect no wind, no snow, above 60 degrees Wyoming day, than to be outside...with your H.H.D's (husband, horses, and dogs) Brent mowed the lawn while the heneymoes and I played in the water. They are recently recovering from a serious case of worms and the winter shag, so to relive them of the summers new found heat, I bathed them. The are hanging out at our house today working as free labor. As Brent calls them; "Free Lawn Mowers". And in a bit, we will ride off into the Sunset of Lyman, Wyomin'. How 'bout them Cowgirls. 




Zip Watching over his Herd. 


  1. ugh! Miss you... miss your heneymoes.... need to come visit...

  2. P.S. Emma says she needs to "sit hosie.." And I was explaining to her that Cheyenne was a paint and so now she wants to sit on the "color hosie" because she thinks I meant you painted the horse.... lol