Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nightmare on Grant Street

So let’s be honest, the only reason I’m blogging right now is because Brent and Sophie are watching what is possibly the world’s most terrifying movie. Actually, I can only presume this is indeed the world’s most terrifying movie by the horrible loud screams and sudden increase of dramatic music every other second.  I can only assume this because for the first thirty minutes my head was covered under a blanket while I sang Christmas carols to myself, and when that didn’t suffice, I resorted to blogging. Of course, going to bed (alone) was most definitely not an option at this point. So here we are, 10:45 on a Saturday night, and I’m writing to occupy my mind to keep it from focusing on the horror that is occurring only five feet from my face.

My pure deceitful hatred for scary movies started when I was about 5 and my best friend Andrea would insist that we watch ET (I can safely say I’d take ET any day over this crap I’m watching now).  ET was not my cup of tea. We had nothing in common; I never found a little alien in my shed, and I most definitely myself was not an alien myself; thus began my sense of detachment and sheer disgust for any and all movies that have that “pop out and scare you” theme.  Inevitably ending my movie watching career.  

Sophie and Brent claim that the only proper way to watch a scary movie is with the speakers so loud they rattle your walls. As good as a singer I might think I am, they didn’t enjoy my August rendition of Jingle Bells and I can’t even begin to compete with our surround sound system. Apparently singing takes away from the “feel” of the movie, or something like that. Whatever.  

My curiosity seems to be getting the best of me. I want to watch it. I want to know what’s going on…but I simply can’t.  Well, I DO, and I always end up regretting it. I always look up and watch the worst, scariest, most horrific parts.  Then I ask tons of questions as to what is going on, inevitably bugging everyone….If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m quite possibly the worst movie watcher ever. 
It kinda goes something like this:


  1. Ha ha! I'm not a fan of scary movies either ...

  2. Lol! Wish I was there! I would sing with you! lol!!!

  3. Liz, have I ever told you (just kidding, I know I haven't) how awesome your posts are? I love reading them, and I think you are such a talented writer! How do you do it?! :) Love ya'!