Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I have a love for many things. Many, many things….but there are few things that I am as passionate about as a couple of dogs, some crazy family, and camping.  I. love. Camping. And this year we began our tradition of camping in style.  My parents so graciously donated to the we.can’t.afford.fun.things.cause.we’re.young.and.poor fund, and gave us their pop-up camper.  No worries folks, we didn’t trade them our tent. Instead they’re sporting a brand new Airstream…with wood floors no less. 

So here we are, mid week and Brent asks what our plans are for the weekend are.  Nothing.  ‘Cause we’re lame.  So we decide to go camping. The general direction is Mirror Lake Highway and the time frame is till Sundayish.  After a shredded tire, grocery shopping, and a case of the missing dog leashes, we’re driving towards the mountains at 7:45 at night, racing the sun to find a camp site.   The plan: drive until we see something that fits our fancy and if we don’t beat sundown, keep driving until we hit Park City and try again in the morning.  No worries, we found the most luxurious camp site in the tri-state area.  Lake view, beautiful surroundings, good neighbors, and gourmet cooking- all located in Mom and Pop’s home.

After roughing breakfast with Starbucks and Danishes, Mom headed up with us mid morning to find a good spot, and low and behold we found one, big enough for a pop-up and an air stream.  It was just too perfect, mom and pop came camping too.  Loved every second of it, and couldn’t be more grateful to have such giving and unselfish parents.  Thanks momma and poppa! We love you!

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