Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Stuff You Thought You Didn't Need To Know

For my sanity and your entertainment value, here’s a non-gushy sentimental update on Bird’s every moment. Instead, this will entail very random notsoimportant facts about everything else.
  • We finally have a backyard. With grass, might I add.
  • And a porch. Can you guess where we spend 95% of our time?
  • Brent has been promoted to a Safety Specialist. His computer desk sitting, research doing, supervisor position, not outside manual labor office dream job has finally come true.  He’s in 7th heaven. The perks come with a major raise, company truck, and is home by 5:00 every evening…clean.
  • It’s summer. The boys are shedding and my house is covered in dog hair.
  • It’s also covered in slobber…Bird is working on her 9th tooth.
  • This Wyoming soil is seriously testing the limits of my green thumb. It’s more or less a brownish color…ya know, to match my dying plants.
  • We are bike riding fools…like every night. It usually entails a trip to the canal for the boys and speed racing down the big hill for Bird.
  • It doesn’t even get dark until 10:00pm, which makes me feel like even more of a loser for going to bed at 9, so I force myself to stay up later. I think I’m getting better at living the night life. I even caught half an episode of Letterman once.  
  • I’m really frustrated with typing on an actual computer keyboard because I expect it to autocorrect everything for me like my Iphone. Alas, it does not.
  • I’m back full force working on the Ambulance. Bridger Valley, feel free to hurt yourself in any way possible. I would like some good calls please. (Too harsh?)
  • Brent and I have started the Paelo diet. He’s lost like a million pounds in a week and I don’t even bother stepping on the scale. Probably because I’m the worst dieter ever.
  • I feel like it’s probably safe to officially say I’ve stopped biting my nails. After 24 years of being a relentless nail biter I finally told myself that MILF’s don’t bite their nails…not that I consider myself a MILF but it was a nice thought. I’ve been 6 months in recovery and haven’t relapsed once. I paint my nails every other day. I had no idea what I was missing out on.
  • Because of our obsession with our new porch, Brent BBQ’s every night for dinner. Thank you Pinterest and you’re great recipe section.
  • Lilly is a pro at swimming lessons. She loves it all.
  • My sister in-law Ashely has decided to NOT move home for the summer and I couldn’t be more disappointed in her bad bad choice. Family means sacrifice, and if she’s not willing to sacrifice her entire social life for me then boo on her. (I kid Sholly…)
  • And on that note, in July I’m going to a family reunion in NC and then to Atlanta to visit Hillary…if I didn’t hate the excessive use of exclamation points so much you would see about a million of them here. But here’s a small taste of my excitement: !!!!!!!!........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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