Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Month 11

Another month of travels for you Bird. You, Nana, Papa, Dad and I all piled in the truck once more and drove 8 hours to Longmont, Colorado.  And once we got there, we drove some more. For a split second, we thought Dad’s job was going to move us there. It would have been a big town, with lots of parks, lots of people, and even more stores. But after a lot of thought, we decided we’re pretty happy with our selection of parks and people right here at home.

I’m so smitten by you; always have been, always will be. Every day your smile gets bigger and just when I think my heart can’t any fuller, your crooked little grin fills it up even more. You have truly found your place in this little family, right in the center. You’re a daredevil, a thinker, and even more so a doer. You’re quite the performer thinking that everything you do deserves a standing ovation…and you get it. You play peek-a-boo with anything that you can pull over your head; blankets, pillows…the cat, whatever. I’m seeing your little sensitive soul shining through. One stern word and you’re all tears. Dad told you to stay out of the dog food (seriously kid, when will that end??) and there you went, screaming down the hall way to find me. Another moment later and you’re in the kitchen cupboards. With Dad right behind you, you were quick to redirect yourself elsewhere.

 You have this sense of life already. You seem to know what’s what. You are quick to make decisions about what you want (or don’t want) and usually there is nothing to do to change your mind. That’s one of my favorite things about you. You know what, how, and when you want it and it’s usually always now. You’re eating everything. Whatever we put in front of you, you eat it, which makes life so much easier for everyone.

You’re beginning to identify objects with words. Mama, Dad, “Ba” for the boys, and everything else is Dih-dih. But when you see Frankie you just scream with excitement. You and Frankie are just beginning your relationship. He steered clear of the baby stage, but for some reason is right by your side through your pulling-tugging-hitting stage.  You give him the biggest bear-hugs every time he lies next to you.

Since the time you were born, Grandma has been teaching you anatomy. Maybe it has something to do with her Nursing school, but you have finally located the nose. Your nose. My nose. The boys’ nose. The nose of the man on TV. Grandma is on to eyes next, and before long you’ll know the whereabouts of the clavicle and xiphoid process.

It’s all about the speed right now. Walking is for babies, but running is for big kids. (Flying for the Birds? Oi vey) You throw your arms up in the air and take off. Daredevil, I say. Anything that gives you a rush, you ask to over and over (and over and over and over) again. Dancing crazy around the living room and Grandpa is your favorite.

We went fishing. And since you love water so much, it was hard to keep you out of the lake with the fish; very counterproductive. Nonetheless, you had the time of your life.  Just like your Momma, your love for animals is shinning through; definitely the boys (which, by the way, you are sneaking the majority of your breakfast to right now) and Frankie, but recently chickens and the horses. Every time the chickens cluck you’re right there with them chirping away. You just want to touch one but I’m going to hold off on the chicken chasing for now. The horses are a little more intimidating now that you realize the power of size.  But you just want to be near them.

You love to pull things behind you. Drum to the beat of music. You put things on the floor and then stomp on them. Everything ends up in the dog's water bowl. And you can put your arms and legs through your clothes by yourself. 

Next month is emotionally off limits for me. I’m excited for every stage of life you enter, but am I really the mother of a one year old. ONE. I’ve been counting your age in months, but next month I start over in years. Wow my little Bird. Stay who you are, and I love who you are becoming. You are my sunshine, laughter, and full heart. I love you my Bird.


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