Monday, September 30, 2013

The Big ONE

My Bird,
One year ago I learned something that words cannot even begin to describe. Something that four little letters seemed so subpar to label it with. I learned there is a love far greater than any I’ve ever known, and that love is totally wrapped up in you. Your eyes drew me in the moment that I first saw you and I’ve been mesmerized by you every day since.  And I knew at that first instant, that God had given me the most important job in the world; to be your mother.

One year ago at 1:21 I heard your sweet cry. I spent that entire night staring at your precious face, thanking God for this blessing. One year ago, your daddy held you for the first time, and I don’t think he’ll ever let go. One year ago we became a family of three. And without a doubt this has been the best year of our little life. Because of you I am so much more than I ever thought I wanted to be. I’m a mom, a healer, a comforter, someone to laugh with (and at), and a security. I’m a personal chef, maid, and chauffer, to the most grateful of employees. Because of you and your dad I know the deepest meaning of love and gratitude.

As if overnight my 7lb 15oz tender soul turned into a charismatic walking talking one year old. You’ve come so far in one short year, I am so eager to watch you grow for the rest of eternity. Don’t stop here my Bird, you have a world ahead of you. You are the light of everyone’s life. You walk into a room and it’s instantly filled with laughter. People always tell me it’s that smile with your eyes that just seem to be so contagious. Play some music and you’ll start an entire dance party with complete strangers. 

You have become such a beautiful girl, inside and out. Whatever you have, you want to share it with others. Rather it be your snack or your smile, you seem to spread like wild fire. You have a confidence about you on the things that you’re sure of, but are humble to stay by my side until you master your goal.  You are quick to learn; new dace moves, high fives and pound-it, body parts, and words. You assume that everyone on the phone is your Nana. If you haven’t seen Daddy in a while you are sure to talk nonstop about him. Once you wake up from your nap, it’s all about calling for Mama. And the boys are your favorite puppies to cuddle and converse with.  You take full advantage of any down time the boys have and cuddle up with them on the floor.

You are a solid girl…you know what you want when you want it. Pointing followed by a few indistinguishable words will usually get the point across. You love shoes… LOVE shoes. Your shoes, my shoes, Grandmas shoes…doesn’t matter; you attempt to walk around in them. You will knock on the front door and tell yourself to come it. And when you get mad at the dogs for tripping you, you’re sure to scold them with large amounts of attitude. You’ll try any food once but you will eat fruit all day long. You eat three eggs for breakfast.

Your accomplishments go on and on. You’re perfect. Not in a way that I used to understand, but in a way that through every insecurity I might have as a mother, I see you as perfection. You give me the courage and strength to be a better me. I hope that I never fail you. I love you my baby Bird. Know that above all things…you are so very loved.

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