Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Beginning

I was always the person who was committed to never "blogging"...well, Myspace and Facebook aside, our lives have progressed enough to post some things that are worth while and a little more interesting! As if Wedding planning and work didn't keep me busy enough, I'll just add a blog to the craze! Anyway, I won't actually start from "the beginning", but just a quick update. Brent and I are getting married in June. We are SO excited! And our families are too. My mom and I are having a great time planning everything, which it is a blast to spend a lot of time with her! As for Pop and Brent, well...They would rather mess around with Big Screen TV's and sound systems then look at center pieces. Men. :)

Anyway, I moved into my house on March 1, 2009. So it has been a little over a year.  Though it was always cute and cozy, my bedroom never felt right. So, in the event of Brent moving in in about 2 months, we redid the bedroom to be more "us". We decided to paint one wall a deep brown for an accent color.  The bed scheme is greens and browns, so it looks great. We decided that I would paint the wall, while Brent did all of the edging. Anyone who knows Brent knows that edging turned out perfectly...except when I tried to help. And anyone that knows me probably already knows that there are now some "brown accent colors" on my ceiling. I think they add a nice touch. Brent would have to disagree. But, anyone that knows US...knows this project ended in a conservative, yet effective paint war. But it turned out beautiful, and both of us love the new room!!

Workin' hard...or hardly workin'?

what a stud


Our new room