Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The men of my life

Right now, our live has lots of variables, some constant some inconsistent. But through it all, there are two little aspects that brighten our days no matter what. Zip and Tank. I figure we will be talking a lot about these two, since they are kind of our pride and joys right now, so I'll introduce them a little bit.  Recently, we rescued a 3 year old cat from the local shelter named Frankie.  He is quite the character!  He has the biggest blue eyes you will ever see on a cat, and he absolutely lives for attention.  Best part is, he gets along great with the dogs. So, I have 2 boy dogs, 1 boy cat, and 1 boy fianc√©e. Testosterone is running high in my house. Thank goodness for wedding planning.  

Zip: Zippy, Zippers, Zippy-do-da.

Zip is our 2 year old Blue Healer. He is all boy...mamma's boy that is, though Brent might argue that.  He is convinced he speaks English and demands daily conversations  discussing his day, wants, or needs.  He enjoys leash free long walks, playing in water in any amount ( a puddle on the sidewalk will do) and giving kisses. Zip is always up for a belly rub or one of dads famous morning stretches.Sometimes he gets a little bossy, but he knows what he wants! He is the best listener, and always does what mom or dad says. He is the protector of the family and man of the house when dad isn't home. Zip loves to do whatever we are doing, rather it's snuggling on the couch, or playing on the swings at the park- he has to be a part of everything

Tank: Tanker, Tanker-Banker, Teeter-eatter.

Tank is the baby of the family, being a one year old Pug. He takes after mom, and is very free spirited.  He is always corked-tailed and bright eyed ready for adventure. Grandma's house is his favorite place in the world, because he gets to play with Ali (my Mom and Pop's two year old Boxer dog).  Tank is a Great Dane trapped in a Pug's body. Though he isn't the greatest listener, he loves leash-free walks too.  Zip's true love is to be a lap dog, and Tanks goal in life is to be a cow herder.  We have cows all around our town, and any we go for a walk past the pastures, Tank loves to try and herd them in.  Tank is the guinea pig in our family.  He is the one we send down the slides at he park, or spin on the merry-go-round, and he seems to love every minute of it.

In Memory Of...

Recently my best girl friend passed away. Bandon was my Drauthaar German Wire Hair.  She was two.  Talk about a ball of energy! That girl could run!! Once, she was gone for 3 days, and my mom and Brent found her almost 30 miles from our home.  She was chasing birds no doubt.  She brought me more joy, comfort, and laughter that you could possibly imagine.  She went through hell and back with me. But after a lengthy battle with lung cancer, she finally passed on. She earned her spot in our beautiful garden, surrounded by birds and love. 

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