Thursday, April 1, 2010

ApRiL fOoLs

Ever since March rolled around the corner, Brent and I have taken complete advantage of any nice weather that came our way. I love love love summer time.  We have been hiking, rock climbing, taking walks with the dogs, and I have even got him on a horse a couple of times. Talk of Spring was finally here.  My tulips where waking from their sleep and our trees where hinting to start their new year!  Well, yesterday I woke up to a sheet of white outside my door.  Turns out, there was so much snow, the roads where closed and I was unable to go to work.  Oh shucks.  By the end of the day blue skies were headed our way! The snow had finally stopped falling after 5 inches, and splotches of blue were peaking out. ...Or so I thought.  Once again, I woke up this morning to another deeper blanket of snow. No more signs of Spring.  I currently have 8 inches of snow in my yard. Ice-cycles formed from my garage.  

This is by far Mother Nature's worst April Fool's joke ever. 

Ice, Ice Baby

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  1. Welcome to lovely winters in Wyoming!! Glad to see you have a blog! I will update mine soon.... promise!)