Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Every child says they will never grow up to be like their own parent.  At each holiday, I am finding that I am becoming more and more like my mom, which is a good thing!  With the true meaning aside, the decorations, creativity, and planning to make the holiday fun and special. It makes me realize that even the simplest holidays aren't about getting, they are about giving.  As a kid, my mom had easter egg hunts, and baskets filled with treats; every holiday seemed like Christmas.  The house was cutely decorated, and we would always sing "Here Comes Petter Cotton Tail" together.  Recently Brent and I watched my old home movies.  A couple of them happened to be of Easter. Bear and I were probably 7 and 3.  In this one tape, Bear kept getting all the eggs that were out of my reach, and in my attempts to have every easter to myself, I would throw a fit.  One particular egg I was determined to get so I would scream over and over "Bay-ur! I want the lellow one!!!" It's funny now to look back on for all of us, since it has become a family joke! As I have grown up and been on my own, I have tried to make every holiday special for those close to me.  Easter is always fun to me no matter how old you get.  Last year I attempted to plan an extravagant Easter Egg hunt, but those participating were less than thrilled.  So all of this brings me to today, Easter of 2010. 

I woke up this morning, bright and early at 7:00 a.m to Brent's handsome beaming face. I had put out a homemade card and a present (Dallas Cowboys tie) the Easter Bunny left for him on the kitchen table, so I thought his enthusiasm was stemming from that.  But in reality, Brent tells me that the easter bunny came last night and hid 24 eggs all around the house. (I guess Peter Cottontail is doing favors for those who live where there is still 2 feet of snow on the ground in April.) Anyway, it was probably the sweetest thing he could have done for me. We share the enthusiasm for life in general and giving to others rather than receiving. The fact that he took the time, came over early, hid the eggs, and just made the day so special for me, means so so much.  But they again, he makes every day special. 

After the hunt, we dyed our eggs, needless to say, I got to dye a yellow easter egg all by myself. Then made Easter Bunny Pancakes for breakfast. Then played racket ball (our favorite hobby right now) and then took the boys for a nice long walk, came home, and as we speak, Brent is reading his book as I finish this. Life is Good.

 Happy Easter everyone. 

 And just like every other holiday, let's remember the true meaning behind it. 

Spring, eh?

Some Easter decorations

My Easter egg hunt!

My very own yellow egg!

Brent and his camo dyed egg.

I will perfect these next year.

Brent's Easter morning surprise!

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