Monday, April 19, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Weston Clark

One down! One to go! Brent's brother Wes married his sweetheart Ji Yeon.  They were sealed in the LDS temple on April 16, 2010 and the reception was in Lyman on the 17th. They make such a beautiful, happy, multi-cultural couple!  It has been pretty stressful planning two weddings at once, but it was nice to concentrate on them, and make their day so special! 

Thursday night, we had the bachelor/bachlorette parties for them. Brent took the boys to my house and had a "boobie cake" which was a big hit, especially since every single guy was a return Missionary! They played drinking games with Monster energy drinks and lots of X-Box.  As for us girls, we played games talked girlie and wedding advice. The following morning, we all woke up, got ready, and were off to the Temple! Ashley and I waited outside while the ceremony was performed, then after we all took pictures and had a wonderful time.  Saturday was a lot of the same- waking up early, hair, makeup, decorating. pictures, the whole nine yards.  The reception was beautiful. Wes and Ji Yeon are leaving for Korea on the 20th and won't be back until January.   We wish them the best of luck in the life and marriage!   

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