Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beautiful, Crazy, Life.

The day I left for Georgia, my best Utah friend Sadie flew in from Washington to visit me and help with the wedding preparation.  While I was down south she stayed with her family in Heber city, but the moment I walked off the plane and greeted my handsome fianc√©, baby Emma, and Sadie, we have been the quad squad ever since!  Sadie threw a party for our High School posse, and no doubt it was just like old times.  It’s amazing how everyone has changed so much but yet we remain so close.  We giggled and laughed just like we were back at lunch time on the school lawn playing around.  It was great having Brent meet everyone before the big day!  The party ended around 11:00 pm and we loaded up and headed to Lyman! Sadie is staying with me from here on out until the wedding. What an amazing bestie! J

I love being an “Aunt” to Emma! Oh this girl is just the greatest thing to have around! I love her more than anything…sad part is; she favors Brent more than anything. How unfair! What can I say, he just has a way with the ladies.  After church on Sunday (and nap) we took the doggies out for a walk.  It was such a gorgeous day, so we packed up the kids (Zip, Tank, and Emma all on leashes) and headed for the canal so the boys could go swimming.

p.s.- 5 DAYS!!!

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  1. It was sooo good to come and stay with you! I'm gonna miss you a ton!