Monday, June 28, 2010

Update: Home Edition

Since the wedding, honeymoon and all that jazz, life has gotten back to its normal state of reality; though this reality is blissful and heavenly. Brent and I have cozied in to our daily routines with work, chores, and errands, but we couldn’t be happier doing it all side by side.  However, a lot has changed at the Clark household since the big day. 

On our honeymoon, Brent and his grandpa sped the day to make us some cute wooden chairs the go out in our front yard. Along with that, we also added a patio furniture set. It’s a glass table top, and four surprisingly comfy chairs.  (The reasoning behind all of these yard additions is that we are building a deck for our front yard this summer.) Also, for the longest time, we have been without a lawn mower.  With the help of our lovely friends and family who got us Home Depot gift cards, we bought a lawnmower! So along with our patio set, chairs, and lawn mower, we added a garden!

I have been busy busy busy planting and working in our new garden.  On one side of our house we have two pretty good sized raised flower beds. I already have a gorgeous flowerbed growing on the other side of the house, and I enjoy every minute of working out there. When I told Brent’s grandmother (who is a garden extremist) that I run out of weeds to pull, she started digging up plants to bring down and expand my garden. My green thumb is growing as fast as the garden is! So, Brent and I got to work tilling up the entire flowerbed to make room for grandma’s garden visions.  In the larger of the two beds, we planted two rows of tomatoes, a row of peppers, and a row of cucumbers. For the neighboring beds, grandma brought down an assortment of flowering plants for us.  By no means will I run out of weeds ever again.

Chairs, patio set, garden…DOGGIE DOOR! I feel as though life is now complete.  With the installation of the doggie door, the boys now have complete freedom as to whom and when they go outside. Zip took to the door like he takes to water. He went in and out ten times in a row just because he could. Tank on the other hand is a little less enthused about the flap that whacks him in the face every time, but he has gotten used to it.  I’ll tell you what; it sure has made our life easier.  It was rather nice this morning not waking up at six to let them out. We even left them for a night, and came home to find the house in perfect order. My, how they are growing up!

Has anyone ever been without their own washer and dryer? Welcome to my life for the past year almost.  Not anymore!! I have this huge laundry room with no purpose until now. We finally bought a washer and dryer to fill the room! It, along with the doggie door, has been life changing! I can now do laundry as I please. That was always my excuse for having lots of clothes; the fact that I couldn’t do laundry all of the time so I needed an abundant supply. Anyway, the room had this cement wall that for some reason wasn't painted. Well, now it is. More plans for this summer: to build cabinets!

That’s it for now! I’m going to go enjoy my day outside in our beautiful yard and play with the boys (Brent included).

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