Friday, July 30, 2010

22nd Birthday Bash!

It's official; I checked off another year of my life yesterday. As I kissed goodbye to 21, we welcomed 22 with a day of boating and fun on the Jordanelle Lake in Park City. My gracious mom rented a 21 foot pontoon boat decked out with a on-board grill, table, surround sound music, and my mom's entire kitchen. I felt so special and grateful to have my mom and pop, my mooder and dad (in-laws), Jake, Ashley, and last but certainly not least, my amazing husband. We all had a blast! Mid-day we came home for lunch while we waited for the bad weather to pass. As soon as the clouds broke, we headed back out for some more boat time.  We didn't get off the water till 9:30! What a day! Thank you everyone!

Handsome Dare-devil

Clark Family Clan

Captin Pop

Boat Extraordinaire Mom

Brent and Jake doing tricks


Brent and Me high-fiving out on the water

Action shot

Who let the dogs out?

Make a wish!

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  1. Wish i could have been there to celebrate with you! miss you like crazy! Happy birthday!