Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Solitude in my books.

The courage of exploring new ideas is nothing compared to the courage of actually doing the EMT course.  When I write, teach or learn, the concept of self-revelation is not new to me. The problem is getting through the nerves and anxiety and doing something unheard of for me: becoming an EMT.  I come from a long life of Public Services. My Husband, Pop and Dad-in-law were/are Police Officers, my Mom Mom-in-law, grandma and grandma-in-law were/are nurses. Brent is currently a Firefighter now. I feel like it's in my blood to serve my community the best I can; following in some very big footsteps, all the while making my own path.

I thought it might be a good idea to get out of my routine for a couple of days. So I drove up to Rawlins to see Brent and study without dogs and every other distractions imaginable. (Yet, somehow facebook and blogger don't seem to fit my description of "distraction") 

My first EMT test is on Thursday, so I have dedicated this week to studying. I'm not worried, I know the material and I have a good feel for how the real-world medial field works, so I should do okay...but just in case, this is what my hotel room looks like...

...and I LOVE it!

Rawlins is a town located on the outskirts of the some of the Oil Fields, which serve as large portion for Wyoming employment. The hotels out here are primarily used for workers to stay during the week. This parking lot was full last night. I am literally the only one here.



  1. You'll do great. I know it can be super nerve wracking to do all the studying and have the anticipation, but it's worth it. I think you'll be a great EMT! It's something I could never do. I don't think I could do CPR on pretty much anyone with out throwing up. It's just not in me. Plus I've heard horror stories of what you see as an EMT. It takes a special, really caring and brave person to do it! (I know, sounds nerdy, but whatever.. it's true.) Good Luck!!!!

  2. You will do fantastically, I just know it! Because you're awesome like that. Good luck! :) And I just looked at all your recent posts (dang girl, you've posted a lot!) and saw your banana bread recipe. Now I really want to make some. I had a bad experience with it once and it just didn't turn out. I've been afraid to make it ever since. But not anymore! :)