Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1,2,3, Trimesters

Summertime is my time to blog I think.  I wouldn’t say I have seasonal depression (because , let’s face it, I’m not a depression kinda girl). But I definitely feel like the cold, constant, wind blessings of Wyoming affect my ambitions, such as blogging.  And I hate recapping like umpteen months of semi-interesting happenings detail by detail because those who care already know. Am I right, bloggers?  But alas, I’m going to do it anyway, A. because I’m finally in the mood to write (with a purpose) and B. it’s basketball playoffs and I have no husband for the next 3 hours.

So, you know what’s cool about the last 5 months? I’ve been growing  something in my stomach. Okay, it’s more of a someone and it’s not necessarily in my stomach; more of the womb region.  Come mid-September (15th ish), and this drama queen is going to attempt to pop out a baby all naturel. Actually, my birth plan is nothing more than to have my awesome support team rooting me on and a healthy baby. Come what may.

 We’re having a little girl, named Lilly Anne.  And little actually might not be the best word to use.  Last appointment I measured 7 weeks ahead of schedule.  And if heredity has anything to do with it, our baby is going to come out walking.  I was a pretty plump baby, weighing in at 9lb 8oz, breaking my collar bone on the way out, and Brent wasn’t so tiny himself.  Our doc has already advised us to enroll our child in Preschool now, because she’ll be ready by the time she comes out.  Awesome. 

I’m just about to enter my 3rd trimester and am loving most every second of it.  The first three months were a little rocky with the nausea and food aversions. (Random fun fact: I’d rather have my legs pulled off by a very hungry large baboon than to be nauseous all day) But we got that taken care of quickly with a little magic cure called Unisom and Vitamin B-12.

 I’ve definitely enjoyed all the little anticipation milestones. Everything from my weekly pees on a stick waiting for that extra line, to the first heartbeats,  to seeing something more than a peanut on the screen, to feeling her move (…and move and move and move) inside me, and to finding out what color paint to buy.  It’s already been the most rewarding experience of our lives and she’s no bigger than a squash (or so my weekly pregnancy app tells me).  And the best part of all; family.  Seeing a small glimpse as to what kind of father Brent is going to be…already Lilly is so loved and spoiled by him, it’s amazing.  If he’s half the dad he is a husband, Lilly will be the luckiest baby ever. We’re both lucky.  But becoming a family of our own has made us appreciate/love/enjoy/respect our big family so much more.  There’s something unexplainable about the coming of a baby that puts things into perspective.  This really is all about family. 

Since I have entered adulthood (HA!) I’m surrounded by people with children, having children, had children or anything in-between, and I’ve come to realize there are some freaking crazy moms out there…and by freaking crazy I mean fanatical, in the most loving way.  I know it’s our role in society that once you’ve passed a certain stage in parenthood you are now legally bound and contracted to give out any advice at all times.  And trust me; I love it, because honestly I have no clue what the heck I’m doing in the first place.  I knew enough to get pregnant, and left the rest up to you guys.  But what I have learned, mostly by stepping foot into Babies R’ Us…that having a baby is not only very overwhelming, but also very frivolous.  My theory; women have been popping out babies since the beginning of time.  Deliver in the corn field, pick it up, and keep shucking. And maybe I’m not that nonchalant about it, but I definitely don’t need half the stuff parents think they can’t raise their child without.  On that note, we’re registered at Babies R’ Us and Wal-Mart…. And yes, you’ll most likely find numerous unnecessary, but yet very handy items on there…so don’t let my rant deter you…I will find a use for it. Ha, I kid.  Actually, I probably don’t know what half of the stuff does, but the “mommy-must-have-list” told me to scan it….so I did.

First time moms are funny. I’m one of them.  I’m concerned every doctor’s appointment my child is going to have spontaneously disappeared.  And every night I dream I’m making out with some old boyfriend….because in dream land my oh-so pregnant figure is just too darn irresistible. Oh ya, and I was pretty sure that on day three of pregnancy I was already popping; which very well could have been the case with Ms. Ginormo growing in there. 

Which brings me to the realization of this is how pregnancy every pretty much goes…erm, mine anyway. 


  1. Ahh. I have been waiting for this post for like, ever. :)
    Brilliant. :)

  2. Yay! Liz, I love your pictures. :)

  3. hahahahaha you are too funny love. And you really need to answer you phone and texts when people call and text you. I've missed you like forever now and I really want to catch up with you.
    Anyway loved the new post and remember I'm here for you every step of the way and you can call me any hour of theday or night and I'll will do my best to help you out. Even if it's just listening to you cry because you are o exhausted you can't stand it any more.

  4. This is so great. I love it. Especially the month five, so true.

  5. Man. I bet it would be easier if we could all pop out walking talking preschoolers! Love your drawings. Best.