Monday, June 4, 2012

Some Like It Hot

I sit here with a belly full of Chinese (and a big helping of baby).  It’s roughly 140 degrees here in pregnancy land, but the thermometer is reading a mere 80.  My excuse this entire pregnancy has been that the summer heat won’t bother me a bit because I’m such a Florida girl.  Well, Florida ain’t got nothin’ on Wyoming.  My current pregnancy uniform consists of spankies and a sports bra.  Needless to say, it’s hot.

The boys think so too. 

Brent claimed tonight Chinese dinner night.  Complete with Chow Mein, pot stickers, egg drop soup, and Ashley. Nothing tops off a hot evening like hot Chinese food cooking in a hot kitchen, but it surly satisfied the cravings of Lilly. We defeated the heat with homemade Italian Sodas and basketball playoffs. 


  1. rofl, I've just got to say, it's a good thing Brent met you in person rather than judging what you look like from your microsoft paint skills. j/k. Seriously though, when are you two going to come visit us in Boise? Hope things are going well for you two. umm.. three?

  2. Liz I love you, you crack me up everytime I open a new post from you. And having two babies in the summer I have to agree with you that the temp may not be that high but you sure feel like it is.
    I'm sure I gave some family members hypothermia as well as frost bite with Ellis and Quinn. Hang in there love and crank the air