Saturday, June 23, 2012

Destinations Of All Kinds

This was a week that never ended....for all the good reasons.  Ya, I remember my Negative Nelly attitude on Friday, but like it promised; the evening totally trumped the grunge. And, of course, our weekend in Flaming Gorge never disappoints.  

Friday-Sunday: Tradition continued in Flaming Gorge with the Grandies, plus the added bonus of my family who was camping nearby.  

Sunday-Wednesday: Down in Park City with Momma and Pop and my family visiting from California. Hiking, eating, swimming, shopping, and playing. Loved it all.

Somewhere in the mix was Father's Day and my Pop was happy enough just celebrating it with a glass of Jack and a missing tooth. We all sat out on the porch, listening to kids play, dogs bark, and family chatter. He's the best Poppa. Love you Poppa Gator. 

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