Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strong Genetics? Hopefully!

Last blog was my lame attempt at quickly documenting an amazing weekend just so I had some sort of recollection of what happened (thank goodness for pictures).  My vague writing didn’t actually tell you that every day was go-go-go, and every activity planned perfectly by my momma our tour guide.  I acted oblivious to the fact that I know Park City inside and out. But it’s okay, because I just pretended to be on vacation right alongside my visiting family.  Like I said, Brent had to play grownup and I missed him dearly, but the good company and the scenery made up for it. 

My family; Aunt Mona and Uncle Denny and Cousins Hillary and Lucas live in California, and sadly I don’t get to see them a whole lot.  The last time I remember seeing Hillary was at my brother High School graduation in Florida.  She was newly engaged to her super cool surfer boy Sonn, and I remember thinking how awesome they were.  Fast forward 9 years and my opinion hasn’t changed.  Thankfully, I’ve gotten to see Lucas a bit more often at weddings and reunions, but I wish everyone lived a tad bit closer. And/or had a million dollars to just travel as we please. Either one.

It’s neat getting to see how even though we don’t see each other regularly, how strong family traits can be.  Personalities, mannerisms, commonalities, etc… love it! Can’t wait to see them again soon.  Trips to California are a must if Lilly Bird is going to be a surf bum.
Anyway, I learned over the weekend that my 5 year old cousin has a larger vocabulary than I do. He also has a better understanding of dinosaurs, physics, and road kill.  And when spending large amounts of time with my Pop who has the ability to intimidate the most secure adult in the world, little Wyatt will embrace the hippy hair, aviator glasses, and vocal grunts and inevitably grow up to be just like him. Sorry Hill.  And, after much consideration, I’ve decided that Lilly Bird will be just like baby Hazel.  ‘Cause that’s one pretty darn cute baby; very eager in life. Here’s to family traits lasting one more generation! And I can’t forget to mention Denny and Mona. I enjoyed getting to spend time with them and how amazing they are!

Thanks Momma and Pop for always keeping family important to us….and allowing me to come party crash. :) 

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  1. Love it! We did have a great time and so glad you were a big part of it. Love you, Mom