Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I was thinking this weekend about how amazing my husband is. Guys, I seriously love him.  The kind of love that stays with you a lifetime, and then some.  So, as we shared our anniversary weekend with family, Father's day, and random drives, no matter what we were doing, I couldn't help but get distracted by him.  He's just a bundle of perfection all wrapped up into my husband. I'd like to say that finding him was all sorts of luck, but we all know that the chance meeting on isle three-fishing supply was no coincidence. The time we weren't deeply involved in our game conversation of life's "what if's", I reminisced of all (okay, some) of the reasons why I think he's pretty amazing. 

-I can buy a pair of $8 shorts that actually fit Lilly and me, and he makes me feel as if I just made the most important purchase of a lifetime.
-I hate when I start a project only to find out I'm missing something imperative half way through, and he runs to the store just for me. No questions asked.
-How he is so willing to share. His things, his food, his time...me.  
-He's endured six and a half months of nothing but mommy and baby.  It's been mood swings, bad hair days, maternity undies, and bags of baby clothes.
- He always has the house spotless for me when I come home from a trip...even if it means hiding the laundry.  
- He allows me to relentlessly refer to our dogs as our sons, even with the addition of the human child.
- He nests. 
- He humors my obsessive need for childlike sweets....like Slurpees, snow cones, and Fun-dips. And always brings back something of the sort when I ask for a surprise upon his return. (even if it's just a trip to the gas station or walking into the kitchen)

I'm down in Park City while he stayed behind to work and clean and whatever other grown-up things life demands.  He's so good to me...to me, for me, with me, everything. He's done it all for me and has changed my life is so many ways. Love that kid. 


  1. That is a HORRIBLE picture of me!!! But I love you baby doll!

  2. Wow Guess Grandpa and need to take lessons from you two......You are 2 wonderful grandchildren and we sure do LOVE you

  3. (The above comment was written by grandma!)