Wednesday, September 5, 2012


For a more detailed assessment of the current happenings, check out my Facebook...which I also fail to update regularly because sitting home catching up on Law and Order reruns keeps me too busy to do much else. Heh...heh... 

Since my last sporadic appearance, Rendezvous has come and gone and Lilly is still nesting, quite comfortably apparently.  So, I'm sitting here curled up to the best of my ability on my comfy chair hoping for my water to break at any moment.  Hoping is how I spend most of my days...hoping and bouncing away on my exercise ball. It can only help, right? Right. Bring on the Castor oil. Not.

Bird is still measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Trust me, I'm in no hurry for her to get here if she's not done cooking, so we'll continue to wait.  But on the flip side, if she thinks it's funny to weigh eight and a half pounds at 37 weeks, she's got another thing coming. 

We had a rather eventful August.
 A baby shower, a fire, a birthday, and a trip to Lagoon. 

My best friend Sadie and my Momma certainly know how to throw a shin-dig.  They threw me a rocking baby shower complete with family, friends, and food...and perhaps the most promiscuous pregnant belly cake ever.  It was all perfect. All until the Jordanelle State Park decided to catch on fire. It made for an eventful closure to the evening watching the bomber planes drop in to fight the fire. All's well that ends well. 


My beautiful Momma celebrated her second anniversary of her 32nd birthday in August, and we did a lot of relaxing, a lot of eating, and a lot of laughing. Much like our usual visits, but it was a special day anyway.  I hope she had a good day.  

If anyone ever tells you that a trip to Lagoon, on an August day, 8 months pregnant is a good idea....they're totally right.  Although, I might be the only person encouraging such activities because everyone thought I was crazy.  I'm not sure when the day went from casual to pure insanity, but it was absolutely hysterical.  

September has brought a lot of walking, bike rides, and bumpy car rides.  All in hopes to convince Lilly to vacate her current residence and make her appearance.  I'm having fun nesting in the real world; making hair bows, sewing, and baking yummy goodness like a good house wife does. Reality is, a lot of my days barley consist of makeup and/or a bra.  

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