Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Still What Fun Is

Pop hates nothing more than large crowds and motion sickness, my mom doesn't do well with heights and roller coasters, I'm extremely pregnant, and Brent wasn't too ecstatic about riding everything solo. So, of course a trip to Lagoon sounded like a totally awesome idea. I share the love of everything that is Lagoon with Brent, but my participation level was at a minimum this year.  (Apparently it's highly frowned upon to even contemplate riding  "Wicked" the roller coaster in my current condition.) So, here we are, a family of 4 defunct amusement park participants wondering around "sight seeing".  All until my mom decided she thought the Tilt-a-Whirl looked fun and Pop found the Slurpee vendor.  After a couple of dare-devil acts from my mom, the Ferris Wheel was the only thing I allowed on my list, so it was our next logical choice in the ride line-up.  

We all know my moms love for heights and it only seemed fitting that the Ferris Wheel break down while we are dead center on the top.  Just under an hour later, a mental break down or two, and my pop announcing to the mechanics down below that I'm in labor, we unloaded and away we went to the rest of our adventures.  Brent's one and only request of the evening was to ride the Catapult. Anyone remember my catapult adventure a few years back? Let me remind you of my death defying experience... read it here.

Well, party pooper Pop hadn't shown any interest in anything except the food vendors. But I kept noticing his special interest in the Catapult.  He spent half the day while Mom and Brent were on rides analyzing how it worked and what it did.  So, as Brent is getting ready to buy his ticket, Pop pipes up and announces he's going to participate in the 3.5 G-force, 200 foot ball of death.  Oy-vey.  The only rational thing I could tell Brent was to please make sure Pop keeps conscience throughout the entire ride.  They both had a blast, as expected, and Pop even let out a hoot and a holler at the top of the ride. Proof is on the video posted on Facebook.  Those men.  

I am so proud of Mom and Pop for a. letting us drag them to Lagoon in the first place and B. participating in the things I thought the left in the their younger years.  I seriously have the coolest 'rents. 

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