Monday, April 15, 2013

As I wrote the very last word on your 6 month adventures, you spun a 360 and everything about you changed. Your personality amplified a hundred times and your smile, now accompanied by four teeth, shined even brighter. 

I am happy to report that that car seat of yours isn’t as treacherous as before. You seem to understand that you won’t be strapped down forever and wherever we’re going, it’s usually fun…like to Nana and Poppa’s house or Benedicts; both of which are of high entertainment value in your book.  I guess after a road trip to California, you’ve adapted to that ol’ chair pretty well. 

As pre-mentioned, you and I have become quite the traveling pair and sadly a lot of it has been done without daddy.  He started a whole new job and in the working world it’s not all play. But he does it all for you, Bird.  So know that even if every picture doesn’t have daddy creeping in the background or if the stories are told without details of daddy, he’s there. He knows every detail and he is a part of every memory you will make.  I know how lucky I am to have him has my husband, but girl, you are off the charts blessed to have him as your daddy.  He leaves bright dark and early every morning, and no matter how deep asleep you are you inevitably wakeup within 20 minutes of him leaving. You can sense that he’s not right next to you and therefore can’t sleep. Let’s work on the 6am wake up time, ok? But days he doesn’t have to wake up early, you will sleep, cuddled up right next to him, until you’re weird synchronized internal clocks go off.  Mommy loves those days. 

Sleeping has always been a waste of time. Apparently. And there is no rhyme or reason to your patterns. It’s either five minute cat bird naps that must be taken in my arms, or you are out for the count sprawled in your crib. And as soon as the snooze is over your little legs start going. Crawling is overrated, it’s obvious you’d rather be walking and ohhhh how you try. But congrats little girl, you no longer resembled a beached walrus. You can most successfully chase me around the house at hyper speed on your hands and knees. Once I’m caught you start climbing my leg…or the dog, or anything within reach. You can pull yourself up on anything. ANYTHING.

You’ll grow up surrounded by a family that loves you to the stars and back, and none more than two of your aunties, Andre and Hillary. And just as I did, you’ll grow up being influenced by them more than you’ll begin to appreciate.  One of them will take you on adventures beyond your wildest dreams and the other will make you famous. But both of them will love you more than you’ll know.  Trust these girls. Listen to them, take their advice, and when you can’t handle me, run to them. Because of them you’ll become the most well rounded and cultured young lady. Take Hillary’s strong will and steady feet and Andrea’s carefree life and positive outlook, mix it with their spirit of adventure and you’ll have the world in your hands. I’ve had the two of them my entire life and I’m so grateful I get to share them with you. You don’t know how lucky you are bird. Consider yourself blessed.

Things will definitely slow down this next month; maybe not for your growing soul, but at least for our traveling adventures.  The Idaho squad is coming down this week, and I can only imagine the level of excitement when you’re reunited with your aunt Sholly. Your grandpa got you baby chicks and we all giggle at the thought of you collecting the eggs and chasing the chickens. And rumor has it, he’s been looking at ponies for you. 
I’m excited for summer; for you to feel the grass on your toes, the sunshine on your shoulders (which will be completely covered with layers of sunscreen), and the exploitation of the outdoors. Spring is here, and you can soon stretch your wings Bird. 

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