Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Month 10

               10 months means I can officially start planning your one year birthday party. Too soon? Not that I’m in a hurry for you to grow up; I’m just looking for excuses to buy you a party dress (and maybe one for me too…). But it doesn’t matter what month it is, it seems the whole world is infatuated with the bird. Maybe I’m exaggerating a tad, but hey, I’m biased.  People seem so surprised to learn you are only ten months. I love seeing the smile on your face as you put on a show for anyone willing to watch, and trust me, the crowds just seem to gather.  You’ve added a few tricks to your repertoire, like stair climbing for example. Nana and Poppa’s house has a lot of stairs and that’s all you want to do all day. You never bore of it. You are moments away from walking. It’s the scariest yet most exciting thing that’s happening around here. You have the skill and technique, so all it will take is the bravery to just let go of my finger that you’re barely holding on to anyway. You will go forever just holding my hand and walking anywhere your feet can take you. I love watching you master your body control. In church you dropped your toy, climbed off the pew and ducked under to get it. You knew ever step you needed to take to master your goal. 

Remember when I promised we wouldn't travel for long periods of time without daddy ever again? Woops.  But we missed so much him the entire time we were gone. We went to North Caroline for a Brooks’ family reunion for a week then we drove down to Atlanta to visit your Aunties Hillary and Andrea. You flew on an airplane for the first time. I stressed for weeks over flying with you. But as I expected, you were perfect; not a peep of sadness the whole time.  You made a lot of friends along the way, especially the baby behind you. But that relationship ended quickly…you were rather intense with the poor kid.

North Carolina was another first for you; you met all of your aunts and uncles and most of your cousins for the first time.  You had a blast being constantly entertained by everyone.  Then it was on to Atlanta for some Auntie time…I’ll say it again Bird, those ladies love you. I can’t wait for you to look back on picture of you with Andrea and Hillary and know that they have been a part of your entire life.

Well, considering the fact that you’re out the back door and half way off the porch, I better go supervise. I love you my little Bird. Ohsovery much. 

 Noteworthy experiences:

  • Massive blow out + no change of clothes = running around Home Depot naked
  • Everyone in swim class called you Mermaid 
  • It took you  ten minutes to figure out how to walk holding on to me
  • You are trying to learn how to clap
  • You love cold water, rain, and warm baths
  • Your hair is coming in...and it's blonde

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