Monday, August 23, 2010

Nothing But Things

Things I'm Missing
My mom
constant summer
The feel of sand on my feet

Things I want
Brent to come home
to go bungee jumping/sky dive
swim in the ocean
to feel better today
a random visit from a friend
good news
my phone to have a longer battery life
a new bedspread
a baby someday
to change someone for the better
to help a complete stranger
to build a house
to give a hitch hiker a ride
Things I am excited for
Camping this weekend
visiting Sadie in October
the possibility of Hillary coming to visit
my the rest of my life
horseback riding lessons
becoming an EMT

Things I'm scared of
loosing my family
something happening to Brent while he is gone
my dogs waking up the neighborhood at nights


  1. Consider this a random visit from a friend! Liz! How are you?! I love reading your blog. You're so down to earth and that's refreshing. You are a lovely refreshing redhead. :D

  2. Aw, thanks for YOUR comment, Liz! It's amazing what a little comment on your blog can do for your day! :)

  3. AWWW!!! I miss you too!!! Why do you want a new bedspread? did the dogs get to it? You just don't wanna climb in bed every night and think about how our beds look exactly alike? lol But on a sadder more serious note... I have the same fears you do! Including my dogs waking up the neighborhood... the guy who lives behind us keeps opening the door to look at them whenever they bark at night... lol