Friday, October 22, 2010

All Hallow's Eve has become a night of frolic, where children wear costumes and run amok! Amok! Amok! Amok!

Amok! Amok! Amok! How I love ABC Family and their consistency for "seasonal movies", particularly Hocus Pocus. Which in fact is the reasoning behind my deep hatred for horror films. Yes, I left the theater mid-movie, in fear of my soul, should some horribly aged monster honkers come after me...on their vacuums no less. Regardless, 22 years later I love the show, but refuse to watch it come bedtime. 

So, it's Halloween(ish) of 2010. And you can bet your bottom dollar this crazed dog lady (and her proud husband) have pumpkins fashioning their four legged children's faces. After which consisted of a photo-shoot, complete with proper lighting and atmospheric mood music (my Pop would be so proud). Which brought me to this point; when I actually produce an offspring of my own loins, will I carve it's face on a pumpkin? Probably not, but let's not throw it too far out of fetch just yet. 

Turns out, Brent and I have a knack for pumpkin carving. My new business. Want your picture on a pumpkin? Squash? Banana Peel?! Call me! ...ha....hahahaha... actually, the Pug pumpkin can be identified as Hitler after being told he lost the war. And the Blue Heeler slightly resembles the offspring of Snoopy shacking up with Mrs.Bigfoot. It's okay though, because, like every delirious mother, they find the beauty in their deranged, slightly dysfunctional children. And it's all beautiful! Right...?...okay then.   

Being the trained sweet husband that he is,  I am sitting here blogging, promoting my new carving business, (Joke. Please don't call...just use the pictures as enough proof) while he cleans up any evidence of a pumpkin gut fight.  Enjoy Halloween everyone, may you come encounter minimal contact with "normally-modest-females-who-take-full-advantage-of-this-once-a-year-time-to-dress-as-slutty-as-possible-without-being-sited-for-prostitution". 

Someone put my face on a pum'kin'!!!

Hitler and Snoopfoot eh? eh?

If you were a pumpkin, you would be honored to have our smiling faces rip your guts out.


  1. "normally-modest-females-who-take-full-advantage-of-this-once-a-year-time-to-dress-as-slutty-as-possible-without-being-sited-for-prostitution".

    Wah hah.. so true. and so so sad (or should I say, just embarrassing?). ;)
    I think your pumpkins are great, by the way. I always just do the traditional triangle eyes and put no effort into it whatsoever. I want to order a 'pumpkin by Liz'!

  2. LOVE IT! We're carving pumpkins on Wednesday and I'm SO super excited! I have like, a million ideas of what to do. I better make up my mind by then ... :)