Monday, October 11, 2010

Nyquil Anyone?

I hate being sick. Not because I hate the yucky feeling on the inside and puking, but mostly because I hate being dependent on Brent. Who am I kidding. I love it....kind of.  Point is, for the last two days I have been bed-ridden sick and Brent took care of me. I know every wife has there "I have the best husband in the world" speech, but come on guys...get real. My husband totally and completely trumps your husband. And I mean this in the most loving a appreciative way. 

From the second I start to feel ill; its all blankets and clear fluids for me. At 2:00 am., after 5 hours of constant whining and projectile vomiting(love the gory details, don't ya?) Brent drove all over town to find Nyquil to shut me up help me sleep.  What a guy.  I don't know if anyone else lives in a community with only one stop light, but I do. And chances are if your town has low enough traffic flow to justify one blinking caution light, you aren't going to find a 24 hour convient store that sells flu medication. Low and behold, nestled in some hole in the wall store, there it was. Nyquil. Not only was it the midnight drive, but the constant check-ups, snotty tissues, temperature taking, umpteen drink refills, and waiting on me hand and foot, secured his husband of the year and/or lifetime award. Single handedly he took care of the most vocal, needy sick person on the planet.

Alls' it took was one "my mommy holds a wash cloth over my forehead and rubs my back while I'm puking..." and there he was. Next trip to the bathroom, Hubby of the Year was at my side, washcloth in hand. I told you.  I'm an impossible person when I'm sick. When wifey ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.  I did not marry a stupid man, people.  Though, the fact that he never seems to catch these same bugs makes me wonder if I did marry a non-carbon based life form.  

Anyway, all this is really just to tell you that I'm sitting here, in bed, breathing through my mouth because my nose is so clogged that my ears pop when I swallow water.  And I'm pretty sure I can smell my own boogers.  Which is kind of neat in a gross way, because HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!

Honorable mention to my Mommy, who spent many years taking care of me while I was sick (faking it or not) and holding that washcloth. Thanks momma! You have officially ruined Brent's hopes for ever comparing to your nursing skills :)


  1. OHHH!!!! Cute!!!! Good Job Brent! Thanks for taking care of my needy sick friend! Sounds like you did an awesome job!

  2. This is one of the best posts I've ever read! Pretty much hilarious, although I'm really sorry you're sick. :( Hopefully you're all better now...