Monday, October 11, 2010


Not literal. Physical. Booger is the new cat. His delayed announcement does not go without reason.  His acceptance in to the household was debatable and contingent upon certain stipulations... stipulations pertaining to Brent.  Meaning, Brent had no idea I was bringing home a cat.  The cat stays on the following agreements: a. He stays off the furniture. (Fine. Done) b. We end at Booger. No more animals of any sort. Fish included. and c. He continues to play fetch like a dog, because it is utterly awesome.  

Next concern. Why do we have a cat named Booger you might ask? Aside from his constant runny boogery nose, his original name happens to be Bagheera (panther from the Jungle Book). Which, over a period of time was shortened and coincidently he now responds to Booger. Booger it is.

Playing fetch. With  the dogs. Booger won.

 Who honestly operates electric devices in the bath tub...much less a camera? Come on people.

Inner beauty.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love him! Seriously, what an awesome cat... Brent's lucky. ;)

  2. Lol! The question is, who didn't think YOU would operate electrical devices in the tub? P.S. Booger looks like my old cat D.C. who was very cute so therefore Booger is cute too! P.P.S. I love you guys!