Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eighty One.

It's happened folks. The world is freezing over. I thought Hell was supposed to go first, but apparently we skipped in line.  My thermometer is reading  negative 23 degrees with the wind chill. And we all know how much Wyoming likes its wind. The hard thing to understand here is once it hits anything below zero, it all feels the same. But on the flip side, I'm living in coastal paradise compared to Brent. He is working in negative 40..yes. negative four-zero degrees.  The main word of that sentence is "working". Meaning he is outside in that crap. Poor kid. 

Bear and Katrina nestled in their home ice cube.
 My brother and sister are living in New Jersey. So if anyone watches the news (or Live with Regis and Kelly like I do) you already know that they are literally living in a block of ice. My mom and pop are chilling in -17 degrees in Utah, and Hillary is at -18 all the way in Colorado. Then, I start to think of Sadie who is merely three states away in Washington,  complaining of 37 degrees. That's 37 in the positive.  Anyone care to know the temperature of my hometown in Florida? Eighty-freakin'-one degrees. I'm moving.  You're more than welcome to join me.

While half the nation sits inside our cozy little homes (because our door hinges are frozen), I start to think of things to keep myself busy.  I have checked out every craft-blog, only to determine I am not going into town to get the materials. My house is clean, because that was done on day #1 of being frozen in. Katrina mentioned running up and down the stairs for release of canine energy. Done. What's left? Well, here are some of the best ideas I have found here and there to stay entertained while inside. 

  • Curl up on the couch, with a hot beverage and watch a movie you haven't made time for yet.
  • Catch up on the book you have abandoned pages ago.
  • Scrapbook. Because everyone has time for pictures, but not a minute to spare for doing something with them.
  • Organize your closet. 
  • Try some baking recipes, then share them with your neighbors.
  • Blog. (really, who does that?)
  • Spend time on a really cute crafting project. Here are some awesome craft blogs you should check out:
  • Try out some of the latest dace moves. Because no one really is watching, unless you have some nosy neighbors... like I do.


  1. haha I love that picture of you dancing. Hehe. I had a friend tell me that last night there was a 100* difference between outside and inside her house!! It was something like -45 with windchill I guess.... holy moly.

  2. I totally was trying out some new dance moves.. But I made sure all my blinds were closed.. You think this is a joke.. It totally is not. I am putting my dancing to good use in the kitchen..

  3. Yup, that's about how it is here Lesa! It's about 100* difference. Especially in my bedroom since the morning sun hits the window perfectly, so it cooks a like 120* on it's own!

    I find the kitchen floor is best for practicing the moonwalk. Especially if it's performed in your underwear. Blinds Open. Neighbors need entertainment too Katrina..jeeze.

  4. It's not cold here!! Please don't send your negatives my way! And hopefully your husband has a big coat.

  5. Hey. We are cold too! Just because we are not as cold as you doesn't mean we are not cold! lol You could come visit me then you would be warmer too! :)

  6. thanks for the shoutout! :)
    happy crafting!