Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Briefing

Well guys, I have a lot of interesting things to share. Actually I can only think of one...maybe two. The other stuff is more or less fluff and filler to take the edge off my blogging addiction. 

Let's do this in list form, since I am one of those crazy ladies who makes lists of all the other lists, and that's what makes me happy. If you prefer bullet form, you can take it up with me later.

1. I stopped biting my nails. I know this seems like it should fit into the "fluff and filler" category, but if you really know me, you should understand how huge, dare I say monumental, this really is. I have been biting my nails sine they started growing. That's from like pre-birth-in-my-mother's-stomach long time.. Well, 22 and 1/2 and  years later, they are now fingertip length. I have a sudden obsession with painting them. (This is a right of passage I never got to experience!) They are  a different color every day. I'm not sure how you girls handle the chipping, but I pretty much fit 22 years worth of nail breaking emotions into one big meltdown. It's not pretty folks. Though on the up and up, my husband enjoys the back tickles. 

2.  My henenymoes have found a new home (not a new mommy, just a new location) Don't know what heneymoes are? Lame. Read THIS to catch up.  After that one more straw that broke the horses camels back, a great friend of ours offered up her heneymoe palace. They seem happy with the move. Cheyenne was a little more apprehensive, as she got used to working the corners for extra cash um.. looking to score drugs nope, hang on....preach the a traffic conductor ahem, escaping for whatever reason. But she is now content with idea of ample amounts of attention and no longer feels the need to wonder the streets of Lyman. As for the boys, they go where the girl goes. Duh.  Trista, you rock! 

3. Brent is sick. He rarely gets sick so he is the "Honey, I think I'm dying, come spend my last moments with me and hold my hand..I'm going towards the light...."......."No babe, that's the  ceiling light...calm down" " that case, can I have more juice?" kind of guy. But since he takes such good care of me, I figure I'll bring him a jucie-juice or two.

4. I am getting a job! Well, looking for one. It's a little more difficult than you would think. Who would have thought a valley of 3,000 people wouldn't be able to employ every single one of  us. Get with the times Lyman.

5. The Boys got their nails trimmed last week.  Tank survived. Zip is still in therapy. Again, you're probably thinking "more fluff and freakin' filler" right? Wrong. (I don't know why my major life occurrences are about nails...but it's whatever) This very well might be one of my "one, maybe two interesting things to share". Anyway. Tank handled it like the true inner cowdog he really is, and Zip is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Wuss. No joke, the vet came running in as if the vet-tech accidently cut his whoo-whoo's off instead of his nails. That's how loud my dog was screaming. Screaming. Not just whimpering, whining, or crying, but full on two-year-old-just-got-his-candy-stolen-and-then-eaten-right-in-front-of-him screaming. I didn't think it was possible to get embarrassed because of your dog, but ohhh folks, it is. Very much so.

6.  We are selling some crap really valuable stuff we have that needs gone. Like pronto. My very big laundry room is being taken over. Please buy it. 

7. Wyoming isn't sure what month to categorize February as. We are wearing flip-flops and snow coats all on the same day because here it's Sprinter. Or Wring. Either way, it's not Winter and it's not Spring.  And I'm pretty sure I am not okay with this. I no longer find the desire to dress to impress for Mother Nature, so I'm sticking with the fur coats and thermals until otherwise notified.

8. Update on other random happenings: Stella is still fitting in perfectly. I am working on the ambulance.  My diet is hanging by a thread. annnnnnnd.....I think I am just about fully recovered from sleeping on the floor. That about covers it. 


  1. Outrageously funny! What program do you use for your pictures? So glad I don't have to deal with weird weather. It's usually one or the other here.

  2. Please make Sunday Briefing a regular occurance. It might be my favorite thing.


  3. Danielle, I just use Microsoft paint. Nothing fancy! Where do you live that you don't have to deal with crazy weather?!

    Kelly- I'm not sure enough stuff goes on through my week, but i'll try! Thanks! And glad you found my blog, glad to have ya!