Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Princess and the Three Naughty Horses

So once upon a time there were three naughty horses.
 And they lived in a beautiful field filled with all the hay, grain and love they could ever want. And for some dang reason they just weren't happy (greedy buggers).  So they decided to leave… day or night, or at one o’clock in the freaking morning.  It didn't matter to them, they were breaking out no matter what the rules where. The beautiful Princess begged and begged them to obey the rules and stay, but they kept insisting on exploring the streets of the "Land of Lyman".  And this made the princess very mad. She did not like waking up to the Royal Dispatch calling her at all hours to inform her of the misfits rebellions. She did not like getting dressed to go out in -20 degree weather to go find them. No, she did not like chasing them all over town in her snow boots and tiara. Indeed she did not.  So, she made a fence so high and so strong that no one could get in or out ever again. 

The Culprits 

Before: Their former Palace

After: Home Sweet Home

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