Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Kings Throne

My husbands birthday is quickly approaching (the 20th actually). This man has everything he needs, and then some. He is the hardest person to shop for because either A. he already has it. or B. he doesn't want it.  

Little fun fact about Brent. He loves toys. All kinds. Any gadget that will make life a little more interesting, he is totally interested. Hence the remote control helicopter for Christmas (thanks Dad).  

This year, I didn't need a "wish list", because he has found his one true desier. He will never need another thing as long as he has this piece or crap. (no pun intended)

Please enlighten yourself by clicking the link and researching a little bit for yourself.

Now, let's examen together:

I would also like to point out it comes with a remote control. In case you forgot to flush, you can do it from your kitchen.

And the self cleaning wand?! ohmygosh. I need one of those for my house.

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  1. Oh man! Are you being serious? He really wants that thing?!!?