Thursday, January 6, 2011


I don’t tend to get too personal here. From time to time I thrown in an occasional “this makes me mad/sad/happy/laugh  etc…” But the intent of my blog is to enlighten. Rather you enjoy reading about our day to day life, or you like the occasional post about something silly, I like to keep the bulk of personal issues out of my cyber life. But I think what I have to say will be a good message to read in general. Yes, it is directed at a certain situation, so if you don’t want some emotions to stir up, stop reading now. Yes, this is about religion…slightly.

Let’s get a few personal details out of the way. Yes, Brent and I left the Mormon Church. No we do not do drugs/drink/smoke or anything else to justify a life of utter sin. Yes, we are Born-again Christians. No, we do not hate Mormons, nor do we have ANY sort of problem with them.  Yes, Brent’s family is still very much Mormon and we love them very much. No, we do not hate each other.  Yes, Brent is an ordained minister and blog author (he earned it, by the way). Yes, we want to share our testimonies and the message of Christ with those who want to listen. And yes, I will be happy to answer any questions you have, just e-mail or facebook me.
Let’s begin.

I don’t care if it is about religion, politics, or your favorite color. Just because someone has an opinion that differs from yours, does not mean that you need to debate it.  Brent has started an online ministry at Light of Christ Ministry!.  I happen to enjoy reading what he has to say about the Bible, Christ, and life-lessons, whatever. When I read his post, it is a happy, spiritual moment, and I am not about to have it ruined by someone pushing their negative words where they are not welcome. I am more than happy to read anything you have to say, rather I agree or not. I am open minded to any point of view, but there is a time and a place for your  opinion. This site is dedicated to our time and place for our opinions. If you don’t like it, DON’T READ IT! If you would like to leave positive insight, we encourage doing so! We love to hear your thoughts, even if it is different than ours. But to come on a site dedicated to the Lord, and tell us we are of sin and damned to hell is disrespectful, degrading, and downright horrible.   

If Brent has misinformed his readers, or posted something literally wrong, please speak up so we can learn and understand more to fix it. But just because you disagree with him or our religion, does not mean you need to barge in and declare your self-proclaimed dominancy. Please. If you want to debate/fight/argue a point of view, go to a discussion board, and scream all you want or message him and I’m sure he will help you. This is a site for people to learn about Christ and his teachings, a place for people to gain some spiritual worth.  I would NEVER post on a religious site with a positive influence on its believers how I disagree with them. So please, respect our message and what we are doing.

90% of being a member of a particular organization/group/religion is defending why you believe the way you do. It’s an endless battle, that as a Christian, I am more than prepared for.  I understand no matter where we go, we will receive negative feedback. That is a part of life, especially a religious one.  But honestly folks, have a little dignity for yourself and other. Get off your soap box and let the message of the Lord speak for itself.  Brent’s blog is not forced on you. You chose to click the link. You willing read the material. How un-Christ like of you to make judgments.  Turn off your brain and read it with your heart. We are not here to attack anyone, so please return the favor. 

On another note, we have received so many positive encouagements from people of our community, who believe the same or different. With that being said, we have received more than our fair share of attacks.  Let me say this loud and clear. If you want to stir up drama and run to our LDS family members, go for it. Our family doesn't understand, but at least they are trying.   So do us a favor and stay out of it. If you have a problem with us, pray about it like Christ would do. Don't print things off of Facebook to take to our family saying "look look look!" because honestly, it's none of your business as to what is going on within our family. We are making a public deceleration of what we believe. We would never bring up Mormon doctrine that we disagree with, because that's not why we are here.  Let us do our thing, you do yours. If you want to sever a friendship, family tie, or acquittance, the by all means, go ahead. But know that Brent and I are the same loving people we were before and we hope to continue our relationship with you. We are tired of being pinned for "slandering" or "ruining our ties in the community" because if you really thats a down right lie.  You can play "good-guy" all you want, or the innocent victim, but I would be more than happy to show you the e-mails, comments, or post written against us and our beliefs.  So tell me how standing up for our values is any different? Let's just agree to disagree folks. Let the light of Christ shine through each and everyone of us. Stop trying to fight against us. Thank you. We love you all, and hope to continue our friendship.

In His name,
Brent and Elizabeth Clark


  1. I am so glad you posted this! :) When curbing gossip and back biting--hitting it head on is the best way, especially in a small community. I am also glad to know that you don't "hate" us mormons :). I do miss seeing you though. Christians of all kinds are taking attacks right now and we all need to stand together to defend our beliefs that Jesus Christ is our Savior and is the Son of God. Cheers to you for standing for your beliefs and I hope you have continued growth, knowledge and happiness in all of your endeavors. :)

  2. Great Blog Post, having been a target of rumors and gossip in this town, it is refreshing for people to actually talk to one another and find out the truth then to continue in spreading lies and such.

  3. Nicely said! I am so happy for you! I hope that all of these people can pull their heads out of the sand and just ask you to your face what it is that you believe and why you believe it instead of just assuming that they know and spreading rumors about it. Also, I read Brents blog and while I may not always agree with everything that he says I do enjoy taking a minute out of my busy day to focus on my savior! And I would never focus on the parts that I don't agree with! There are sooo many things that we do agree on!!! Good Luck! Love you! If you ever need a Mormon and fellow Christian to stand by your side or stand up for you, you know who to call! ;) (I know how Mormons can be sometimes!)

  4. I wondered when I got the invite for the ministry on facebook. I've checked out a few of the blog posts. I'm not on the net much but I like to see them and love following your blog.
    Can I just say 'go you!!!!' for posting this. I don't totally understand but that doesn't make me love either one of you any less and I still totally think of you as good friends. Which reminds me, we totally need to get together for dinner and games. I know it will be next to impossible with jon and brent's schedules right now. But we still need to, even if it's just us girls and by that I mean you, me and my 4 children lol.
    Quinn needs some liz cuddles and emma needs some tickels and cade needs his buddy brent to toss him around. Ellis just likes to tell everyone stories.
    I should have emailed this lol, oh well.
    I love you both and good for you for standing up to ppl and telling them enough is enough. if you're happy and peaceful with you choices and decisions than that's all that matters. I have another good friend that is a baptist minister and I enjoy reading his posts now and then, most days he post exactly what I need to hear that day. Some times it's just a quote from some radom author that he liked or something from one of his sunday sermons. I comend you for this post and say AMEN sista!!!!!
    none of their business.
    Love you both,

  5. We just want to thank all of you who have taken the time to comment or let us know of your love. We truly appreciate it and feel the love of Christ in all of you. Thank you so much for your support, no matter our differences. We love you all!