Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another year over...a new one has just begun.

Our cholesterol levels sky rocketed, and I think our stomachs reached an all-time fullness.  The Holidays are officially over…and like every New Year, I start it off the same way: This year, I am going to get skinny! As of today, I munched (lightly) on chocolate covered pretzels and a quesadilla (thanks to our new ‘dilla maker). So far so good, right?? …Ahem.  Do you think there is a grace period for diets, or a fix-it-ticket maybe?  Like they always say; I’ll start tomorrow. But I’m for real this time. FOR REAL.

Brent and I had a great time in Park City with my family. My brother and I bonded over numerous rousing games of Black Ops.  While Brent and Katrina read patiently on the couch, only looking up when profanities were being screamed at the TV (probably just to make sure there was no actual blood shed). Bear, Katrina, Brent and I all went sledding, because you’re never too old to a. make your own sled hill, complete with a big jump, and b. our twenty-something year old bodies can still take the 60 mph impact against the solid ice snow bank.   Mom and Pop sat back and watched their posterity in action.  We closed out our weekend with a walk in Park City. Gorgeous place that is, I hope to live there again someday.

We came home New Year’s Eve just in time for our good friend’s party.  We ate (go figure), talked, giggled, and played games.  We brought in the New Year surrounded with laughter and good friends. New Year’s Day was filled with the reminder of a dirty house, dusty Christmas decorations, and a deader than dead tree.  Yay for a bottle of Pledge and my trusty vacuum cleaner.  How nice it is to be sitting in a beyond sparkling clean home, relaxing, and enjoying the rewards of Christmas.  Brent is loving his surround sound/blue-ray/new x-box games, and I am becoming more and more obsessed with my new camera and laptop…not to mention the other goodies!

Though I am (more than) a day late, let’s hope I’m not a dollar short. Here are my 2011 Resolutions:

  • ·         Get in shape (Isn’t this on everyone’s list? I think so)
  • ·         Read my scriptures more. I mean REALLY read them and LEARN them.
  • ·         I will stop texting Brent from upstairs to tell him dinner is ready.
  • ·         For the sake of confusing the community anymore, I will stop referring to my dogs as kids in public.
  • ·         Carry my phone with me when I need it, and leave it behind when I don’t.
  • ·         Delete my fifty thousand episodes of Law and Order on our DVR, because I’ve realized I will never realistically watch all of them.
  • ·         Save people’s lives…or at least be the Best EMT that I can. Whichever.
  • ·         Scooping the Kitty Litter box more. Because let’s be honest…who actually likes doing that. (I just keep thinking Frankie will develop opposable thumbs someday, or at least use the toilet)
  • ·         Do something dangerous. Like skydive, or something noteworthy. (Hey, it will make for a good blog.)
  • ·         Be a better person in general. Because yelling at the car in front of me, then realizing it’s an innocent old man and his dog, is too taxing on my conscience.
  • ·         Actually use the cart return in the Wal-Mart parking lot.
  • ·         I will be a better sister/daughter/wife/dogmom/and friend because those of whom I fit that description count and rely on me, and I love them all.
  • ·         And to sum it up: Relax. Take action. Diversify. Tolerate. Respect. Shut up. Speak up. Listen.  Learn. And LOVE.
Happy New Year Everyone.
Let's make it a good one!

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  1. You have such impressive resolutions. It makes me feel a little inadequate with my "be happy" resolution. ;)
    It also sounds like you had a super fun Christmas/New Years. Doesn't it just suck a little to get back to real life? I know it does for me...