Friday, January 21, 2011

Feline Frenzy

Round one: 

E: "I think we should get a cat"
B: "Alright."

Enter Frankie

Round two:

E: "Frankie needs a friend."
B: "Absolutely NOT!"

Enter Booger anyway.

Round Three:

E: "Frankie needs another friend since Booger died."
B: " Let's talk about this." Stella!

     Like all of our cats, we rescued Stella from the local Animal Shelter.  She is the cutest ugly thing you'll ever see. Guaranteed. After Booger went "missing", Frankie went into a state of deep depression. I'm developing a cure for feline PTSD as we speak. Anywho, after a sincere grown-up discussion (and a little bribing) we, as a couple (okay, so it was mostly me), decided to adopt Stella.

      Boog was one cool cat, and in my book, completely irreplaceable. He was neat-o. But  Stella herself is pretty stellar. Yes, I came up with that one all by myself. Thankyouverymuch. She is everything and more.  As I fear this blog is long enough about a dumb cat, I will leave you with this Stella Factoid: She suckles on Brent's ear...non stop. I could see how it's somewhat nipple like. Minus the milk. 


And the boys just wanted to say Hi..

They were feeling a little left out.

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  1. I watched the video you posted on facebook, and that's just ... weird. :) I think Stella is super cute! (and I don't say that about cats very often)