Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Latest and Greatest!

Why else might this be a big week? Well amongst the birthday planning and whatnot, I was preparing for my EMT final! My plate was full, and it was about to be emptied in one serving. Party Sunday. Test Monday. 

At 1:30 the torture testing began. I didn't walk in my front door until 10:15 that night. It was a long day fill with "what if's" but it was well worth it in the end. Our class did an amazing job, and we all had lot of fun for the most part. 

I have made a lot of friends, learned a lot from them, and can’t wait to see them out in the field. You guys are an amazing bunch. I couldn’t imagine going through this with better people. Congrats everyone! Now let’s put on our capes and go save some lives! (Or try to anyway)

PS. Can I just say should you ever find yourself in need of some medical assistance, you better hope Cal Davis and I are nearby, cause we kicked some serious butt in our practicals. 

Now the real learning begins! 


  1. Well Congratulations! I'm guessing you passed with flying colors, even though you didn't say it right out. ;) I hope if I ever happen to need an EMT it will be when you're around. (But I'm hoping that never needs to happen!)

  2. Your new blog title thing is cute!

    Congrats on getting your EMT License!

  3. Thanks Lesa! It was a toughie, but well worth it!

    And thank you too Danielle!