Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Different Sides of the Decade

This has been a big week guys. A BIG one. That cute roommate of mine turned 26. Old man, eh? I like to tell him we are now on different halves of a decade. I am just beginning my 20's and he's on the downward slide of his. Ha! But in my attempts to be an ubber cool wife, I tried to plan him a surprise birthday party. Had everything ready, set and go. But in the last days he just couldn't resist temptation and logged on my Facebook (aka party planning central) and "accidentally" read the message titled "Surprise party for Brent". That man. I will say, it lifted a huge load, I mean monumental load, off my shoulders. I no longer had to kick him out of the house with a really lame excuse, decorate and prepare food in under an hour, and hide 10+ cars in a cul-de-sac. Though once in his lifetime I will accomplish a surprise something or other.

Every holiday, the only thing Brent asks for are the Mini Football Helmets. The theme of the party was everything football. From the cake (which I DON'T have pictures of...) the table clothes, all decor was football! It was great! Everyone pitched in and almost finished out his helmet collection.  He LOVED it!


Lots of friends and family came, watched the playoffs (which was the intended theme of the party) and ate lots of yummy food. Complete success...with that one little exception. Not many pictures, as the memory card was MIA for a bit. Oh well. He was happy, I was happy. It's all good!  


  1. Is that top picture Brent and his dad? Because, wow! They look a lot alike!! :)

  2. How could you tell?! Yes they are like TWINS it's scary. They sound, act, and look the same. Dad calls Brent "mini-me".