Monday, January 3, 2011

Venting with a side of pessimism

For the past eight months, Monday through Thursday, I have lived alone. And I'm getting sick of it. Brent works over 200 miles away from home every week. I believe I have the greatest marriage possible, but sometimes it's hard being married by yourself. Honestly, we make the best of it. We talk all the time and keep our relationship strong, but I'm ready for normalcy. I'm tired of sleeping alone, eating alone, and making memories without him. I understand how truly blessed we are to have a secure income and the opportunity of employment, but with FMC insight, I just want the transition to happen NOW.  You have no idea how amazing Brent is about it all. I get constant reminders of how much he loves me and appreciates me, and how he knows it's hard. So by no means is this meant to down play the commitment and attentiveness of him.  But he is so much stronger than I am, he keeps me going when he is the one out there working away from home. I am so far beyond lucky to have him, our life, and the blessings the Lord has given us. But seeing how it's 11:30 at night and I'm crawling in bed alone (again), I'm struggling to see the means to the end.  I'm ready to have my husband be here. Life without him just plan sucks. Come on, and let's get happy.

PS. Special mention to Brent- who after 4 months of Bible school, has officially become an Ordained Minister for the Lord. He has worked really hard on this, learned a lot, and is excited to start this new chapter. I am more than excited to be a Pastors wife. He is reaching out to anyone and everyone in search of answers and looking for a relationship with Christ. Check out his ministry HERE on Blogger, and HERE for Facebook. He writes to a Non-denomination audience, since after all, our world is so diverse. I'm sure this raises some questions, so feel free to ask! We are more than happy to answer.

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