Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who needs a mattress when you have a fort?

Ever have those momentary relapses where you resort back to a childlike state of mind? Sometimes it can result in horrible emotional outbursts in public having your own husband question your sanity, but other times you find your inner 12 year old to be quite fun and amusing.  Like Friday afternoon, for instance. Brent and I decided it would be an excellent idea to turn our basement living room into a fort. Yes, ladies and gents, a full fledged blankets-and-sheets-held-up-by-chairs fort.  It slightly resembled a circus tent. And by slightly I mean it literally looked like the circus set up tent in our very own living room- minus the elephant poop. thankgoodness. Ahem. 

After our fledgling spirits flew back to the past to reunite with our childhood bodies, we realized why God gave us the gift of maturity...and back pains.  I can remember when sleeping on the floor was like, so cool, cause beds we way over rated apparently. Had a sleepover with friends? Why, we can sleep on the floor! Our young bodies never new the difference between your uncool comfy Serta mattress and the tile flooring in your TV room. whodathunk. So there we were, fort well under construction, pillows stocked up, and circus tickets purchased ready for our camp-out. We we totally prepared to sleep on the bare carpet, because, um, hello...that's what you do in a fort. Alas, we both woke up on numerous occasions, in excruciating pain and wondering what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks we were thinking in the first place, but neither of us wanting to do anything about it because it would "ruin the experience." Duh. Even Tank (who normally sleeps on the bed, under the covers) was like "wow, ya, this was a bad idea...stop moving your legs so I can get comfy again". Zip on the other hand was all "Welcome to my life...ya jerks. Quite your whining and deal". (I like to think my dogs have a good sense of humor, Tank is very literal and realistic and Zip seems to be more dry and sarcastic...anyway....)

All in all it was totally worth it. So  if anyone in your mid twenties is interested in experiencing oldie body issues, come talk to me. I'll send you the details...and the blueprints to our fort. 

Chili Cheese Dogs, these babies screwed my diet for weeks...but do I care? Absolutely not.

PS. We spent the morning singing opera. The both of us. Full out opera. Vibrato and all. At the top of our lungs. For like, 3 hours. Inspired by this amazing, AMAZING movie.

You can only be so lucky to be my neighbor. 

Some other good show tunes to sing along with, now that you have opera/musicals on your mind:

My all time go-to audition song: On my own
Brent's personal favorite: I Dreamed a Dream.
and our Duet of choice, sung ever so elegantly by Brent and I; Time to Say Goodbye. We sound just like them...if not better.

You can thank me later.

Enjoy your little hearts out.


  1. That is very cute that you and your husband still do silly things like that. You two will be in love forever! And I want the blueprints...pronto!

  2. Ha! Ryan and I built a for "for Emma" the other day!(you see when you are a parent you get to resort to your childhood and blame it on your children! lol)Except Emma wanted nothing to do with it... lol oh well! We enjoyed it! :)

  3. Auntie Dianee' the fairylaydFebruary 13, 2011 at 4:51 PM

    Fun y'all, tremendously.........xox AD

  4. Sadie that's too funny! It's ok, at least you and ryan had some fun!

    Auntie Di! Love you!!