Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday? Briefing...whatever. Destructo

Week three, and I'm already slacking. I can see how well this is going to turn out (a lot like Sadie's "quote of the day" blog, which lasted about a you Sadar, and your cool attempts) Anyway, I think I deserve a break, not just in the blogging world, but in the big ol' universe world as a whole. 

I've decided to call our new house Destructo. Becuase that's what we are doing. New carpet, fireplace, paint, appliances, and random fixtures went in this last week. Of course I don't have pictures because I was way too busy getting in the way helping.  This has been one monstrosity of a learning experience for us. Out with the old (ha, who am I kidding, the whole house is old) and in with the new(ish). We made some serious changes in our life, some superficial and some deep to the core. This house has taught us more about each other and our relationship than I hoped to learn in a 3 week period. But I'm glad I have him right by my side, holding me up. Mushy stuff...yuck. Anyway, Destructo will be fun.

 Plans are as followes:

  • New roof. Date of completion: May 2011
  • Expanded counter space in Kitchen. Date of completion: Currently accepting donations.
  • Bathroom remodel. ...anyone have a sledge hammer? 
  • Yard. We're talking to the big man upstairs. He might be able to help us out with his natural 'growing stuff' talent.
  • Turing gigantic creepy attic into bedroom.....I'm going to wait for HGTV to come in and take over on this one.
    • On that note, I have been filling out applications, harassing, making videos, stalking, taking pictures, makeing death threats, to the producers of every DIY, Home renovation show out there. No word yet....ahem.

So Destructo has some pretty cool history. It's over 100 years old.  It was one of the first buildings in the Bridger Valley, and it served as the Relief Society room for the LDS church.  The attic is filled with documents, crafts, and supplies from the actual meetings. When they built a new building, they turned this one into a home for the Relief Society President.  We have pictures of them moving the house (3 blocks away from it's original location) with a team of horses. The attic as a door of death, that if opened, leads to your demise. There is no deck or any sort of grounding. Watch out if I don't like you and you ask where the bathroom is. "Top of the stairs...door is on your left". Mwhahaha. Ahem... I want to keep the same feel of the home it has always had.  So when we remodel, our intentions are going to be that of original home. Who am I kidding.... I'm going to deck this thing out to the nuts with top-of-the-line everything.....just as soon as Bob Villa returns my phone calls.


  1. Oh man! I Love you! And my blog lasted almost a week Thank You!!! lol I can't wait to come and see you and your new house! Wish I was there to help! miss you! Love you!

  2. Moving is hard, but glad you like the new house!!! Bob Vila is on his way!!!!