Thursday, March 31, 2011

Growing Pains

I belive the story left off with Brent and Elizabeth covered in cardboard boxes and packaging peanuts.  While our two heroines were head deep in useless crap they have accumulated over 2 years their valuables, they found more than the bottom of a box, they discovered the value of a team, partnership, working together, and the importance of not committing a suicide-homicide. This has been more of an adventure than we both anticipated but we are learning from and enjoying every step.  God is good. SO SO good. Let's recap: 

                  Here is a professional my rendition of my house layout. 

First off,  Brent took a week off to pack the old house. (Although, I absolutely loved having him home) Then, he got even sicker(er er er) than ever before, so we went into the Doctor for some blood tests and a miracle. That led to another week off work and one step closer to the unemployment line.  After some not-what-we-had-in-mind blood test results, we played the waiting game.  The blood tests came back with "elevated liver counts", so either a.I've married a madman or b. somehow, something, got messed up. I'll take the latter, which turned out to be the case.  So, now after two more blood samples we still aren't sure what's going on, BUT we have a pretty good idea it's because of the umpteen weeks he's been on a constant dayquil/nyquil regimen. Amazing stuff that is, but apparently is messes with your liver. Who knew. Anyway! That doesn't even solve Brent's everlasting sickness of death issue. But good ol' Doc prescribed him some of the '"good stuff". Whatever that is, (I promise, he's a legitiment doctor) and 4 short days later, he's back in action.  So here we are, moving, sick, random organs are failing, and we are two weeks out of a paycheck. Awesome. And then God interrupts his mani/pedi session, looks down and is like "Oh, hey, your bank account is low, you're stressed as all h-e-double-hockey-sticks, AND you're pretty tired of leaving each other every week. SO....I guess I'll give you more stability, amazing amazing friends and family, and a good paying job so you can be home, PS. you start on Monday...and GO!" With a little flip of the hand, God put life right back in order. When it rains, it pours...but when the flowers start to bloom, there ain't no stopping them. I'll just water them by myself from here on out, thankyouverymuch.

NEXT!! I'm still saving lives everyday...ha...haha...ha. Any by saving lives, I mean taking blood pressures and applying oxygen. I love working on the ambulance. It keeps me on my toes. It's funny how much that  pager going off gets your blood pumping. L-O-V-E IT!  

We are down a family member... Apparently, Frankie has decided he does not like the new home as much as the rest of us, and has opted to relocate to another location...probably a ditch on the side of a road. Sadly. We miss him, and keep hoping he'll waltz through the doggie (and apparent kitty) door any moment, but I fear the worst. Maybe God has one more miracle for the Clark household. But, we plan on increasing our count by two! We are getting ducks. Ya, quack-quack-ducks. Don't ask how that got started...actually go ahead and ask. Let little miss Trista tell you who got me started on this "I must have cute fluffy ducks" kick. Go ahead and ask. I'll blame her. She'll blame me. It's a never ending vicious cycle. 

So while everything on the home-front is sliding back into place, here are some more superdooper fun updates:

My Pop (finally) retired (again)!! WHOOHOOO!! He has spent his entire life working for everything he (and everyone else around him) has, and he finally gets to enjoy it all! The party was on Saturday, and it was a complete success. My mom puts on the best parties around, and sure knows how to be the best hostess with the mostest.  As for Pop, so far retirement as brought him unlimited naps, reading time with limited interruptions, and a colonoscopy.  

Remember the cute pregnant lady in my pictures? Well, Nicole and Daylon welcomed their beautiful baby girl Sophia into the world. Everyone is happy and healthy and doing great! 

This kid has been causing us more headaches that a pregnant 16 year old on drugs....okay probably a bit of an exaggeration, BUT he has been escaping from our yard on multiple occasions. Big NO NO. I keep reminding him of what happened to the horses, but Zip has been to Trista's Animal Palace of Fun to visit, and apparently getting shipped there was his intention. What's with these kids?!  We fixed the problem, and assured him that he can visit Trista whenever he wants, so there is no need to freak us out anymore. One of the nights we searched until 11:30pm with no luck. Finally, he came running in and jumped on our bed a 1:00 am smelling like dead animal and cow poop.  That was the end of that. 

I'm still waiting on Bob Vila's phone call. If anyone knows his direct number, I'm willing to negotiate a reward for your information. 


  1. I truly believe my heart is healthier reading your blogs. They make me smile, laugh & thankful you are my friend!

    I am thrilled about the new house, new job & vast amounts of yogurt in the fridge. God is SO good all the time! I loved the story about the flowers bloomin!

    I will certainly take the blame for the baby duck thing. Here's my theories: 1. They're cute! 2. They might lay eggs & duck eggs are edible. 3. They might lay eggs & baby ducks might hatch (see #1) 4. If they are terrible... ducks taste good! It's a win, win, win, win situation I tell ya!

    Tell Zip he is a naughty boy & to stop running away. Yes he can visit "Trista's Animal Palace of Fun" anytime. I thrilled my house has a NEW cool name & to make your blog.

    Love ya! Trista (aka all the animal's favorite)

  2. Thanks for taking in so may different kinds of strays! It is fun to watch all of the above mentioned things happen live and in person.


  3. I am surprised the county is letting you get ducks. You can not even take care of the animals that you do have.

  4. Apparently it is post anonymous day. But thanks to those for the positive and happy comments.

    As for the last one.... you OBVIOUSLY do not know me (or my animals) at all. And by county, you mean town. And they haven't allowed me to have them yet, I will attend the next town council meeting to get my approval. If you object so much, you should attend the meeting. I would love to prove you wrong.

  5. RUDE! Hopefully that was a kidding comment. I know you & your animals. Your animals are spoiled rotten angels & well loved. Zip is just a GENIUS for finding the weak link (literally) in the fence at the new house. If he didn't find it for you... you couldn't have fixed it. Frankie is probably visiting the geese next door: there is a dog/kitty door afterall! I'd say they are all brilliant!

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  7. I always laugh at people who are only brave enough to criticize if they can hide who they are. Instantly removes any and all credibility.

    Anyway, what did happen to the horses? The only escaped horse I've ever encountered ended up totaling my car (an animal which I've never forgiven by the way). I hope your horses were kinder to the parties involved.

    And as a side note, I'm deeply offended that your font won't allow me to do smiley faces (or at least they look odd enough that I had to remove my first post, cut them out, and repost).*sad face* Now how will I communicate?