Friday, April 1, 2011

A Triumphant Return

Apparently, when you combine moving to a new home and installing a doggie door, it equals missing animals (as mentioned in previous post).  Zip, we know is savvy and quick on his feet, so I wasn’t too concerned with his whereabouts. But as for Frankie, he’s just a cat.  Though smart, I doubted his ability to a. find his way home and/or b. avoiding the dangers of the outside world.  (No, the ducks were most certainly not a replacement, but a great mind-shifter project.) I blogged about the need for one more miracle from the Man Upstairs, and alas, he never ceases to amaze me. At 8 am this morning, Frankie’s meow filled the hallway as he waltzed in to greet us.  He’s in great shape and is as “Frankie” as ever; as if he never left.  What possess a cat to run away? He must have heard my calls every day as I walked the neighborhood in search of him. In the past, when Frank would venture outside his 4 walls, he would cower and rush back inside at a blowing leaf.  For him to leave for a week is totally outside of his character. Apparently he’s a littler cooler than we all thought. Welcome home Frankster.

Side note: I realize that I obsessively document every movement blog a lot about the furry kids, and somewhere lost in the translation it may have come across to ‘someone’ that “I don’t take care of my animals”.  The horses, in their best interest to keep from getting hit on the highway, went up to Trista’s house/aka Animal Palace of Fun (are you getting sick of being mentioned in this blog yet?!), to stay. And everyone else is accounted for. So, if by constant attention, treats, walks, toys, and love ‘you’ happen to think I can’t take care of my animals; you just wait till you see what kind of lifestyle these ducks get. I fully plan on teaching them how to use the doggie door. Poor neglected 


  1. hmmm... I always enjoy reading about your babies.. haha
    Do you know who anonymous is??

    I LOVE the pics of your new house, by the way.
    It's looking great! :):)

  2. Yay for Frankie. He just had to prove he was cool. Glad they are all home!

    The horses say "neigh" and no I'm not sick of getting mentioned in the blog. I am thrilled I can put some good pasture to use & have quality equine time in the process. I do have guilt for feeding the horses hay because eventually it does run out & then YOU have to buy some more. I wish I had a magic hay tree!

    LOVE the new house! Ducks will be in next week. I can seriously see you teaching them to use the dog (aka cat etc) door. FUNNY!

    Oh... on a side note: With all the snow melting... horses look a little homeless as they are covered in mud. Silly creatures seem to like rolling in it! Hmmmmm.... must be like a high end (yet smelly) spa treatment. When it's warm they can have a bath!

    Love ya!

  3. I can't wait to read about the ducks adventures at the Clark house.. :)

  4. I've never met you or your animals, but I can tell from all your posts that you LOVE them to pieces!! Don't let the little people bring you down.

  5. Thanks guys! Wednesday is!

  6. Whoever left that comment on the other post really needs to watch what they say... prove them wrong!