Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Casual Tuesday

This is the part where I say something witty as an introduction to today's post but taking care of a batallion of berserk animals has caused me to lose what little sense I'm capable of making on any day that's not Friday or Saturday.  

Anyhow, as much as a hit that Easter was, I want to update on more than just the blessings of Easter Sunday. So, sorry if I duplicate any details you might already be privy to. If it makes you feel better, I promise to include some fun pictures. Promise.

Let’s talk about my fingers for a second. Long story short: I got in a fight with a hot glue gun, and apparently it won.  Till we meet again glue gun….till we meet again.

Next, remember my short lived Sunday Briefing blogs and how I rambled on about my stoppage of the nail biting? Not only are they blistered all over, but they are nailless. Honestly, how did you not see that coming?  Ya well, that was short lived because I am back to my nubs. Actually, I’m pretty sure I have bitten them as short as they have ever been. There goes my hand modeling career. Crap.

So you know the boys? The furry ones? Well, everyone knows my dog drama, right? No? You mean you don’t actually READ this crap? Whatever.  Long, long ago Zip escaped from our backyard and the coppers found him and wrote us a lovely “canine at large” ticket. Fixed the fence, fixed the problem. Flash forward. We move. Zip finds and/or makes a hole in fence on first day. Zip escapes, same lovely cops write us another lovely ticket. Two weeks later, zip repeats the process and gets out again. And because I am the one who calls the cops in the first place to tell them he is out, we get another ticket. In no way am I blaming anyone here. He is our dog, and our responsibility. And if we can’t obey animal’s laws, we most definitely deserve the tickets. But nonetheless it’s FRSUTRATING!!  They have actually cut us some many breaks; it’s amazing Animal Control hasn’t shot him.

 Actually, Zip only runs. He’s not aggressive or a nuisance…just horny apparently. It’s not like the dog has anything to run away from. It’s the hotmommas he finds around town he is running too. Anyway, in accordance with the town, if your animal commits three offences, you have to go to court. And they can potentially kick your dog out of town. So I went to court. I would have appreciated a large crowd with posters outside protesting that Zip keeps his citizenship, but I didn't see anyone. I must have walked out the wrong door.

 Zip gets to stay alright, only after I pay a billizon dollars to compensate all the hard work animal control does. Ya know, there are so many dogs “running at large”, and it just so happens that mine is one of the few that gets caught.  Life ain’t easy being the Chief’s kid, I tell ya. Got to love the politics of a small town. It is what it is!

If you live in the Uinta County and you don't work at the mines you're either a. trying to get on at the mines or b. are already in the hiring pool. The mines is where it's at. And by "it" I don't mean your dream job of happiness; I mean the money. We are the people stuck in the hiring pool. This is how FMC's hiring process works. If you know someone who works there, you might get an interview. Then a second interview. Then testing. Then they stick you in the "hiring pool". And here, you wait. Pretty much like sitting at the doctors office. You know you'll be seen eventually, it's just a matter of time. But boy, when they call your name, you better be ready. Well, Brent has been in the hiring pool since October. They only keep that hiring pool open for 6 months before they start a new one. Yes, you have to start the entire process over if they don't pick you. That means applications, interviews, and testing all from the beginning. October to April is six months...and we obviously have no FMC. BUT! Yesterday, we received a letter saying "we aren't kicking you out just yet...we will keep you in until next October, so don't get your panties in a bunch just yet; you still have a fighting chance". Or something like that. 

  • Funny- I am usually the one to handle Brent's work e-mails via his account, and to make my life easier, I saved all of his job prospect Human Resources' e-mail addresses to his contacts. WELL. Brent received a funny e-mail, and decided to send it to all of his best buds. So that little "add all" button was clicked, and the e-mail was on its way. I had happened to notice "Cyndi Johnson-FMC" and "Union Telephone-HR" and about 5 others included in the list. After rolling on the floor laughing for a good five minutes, Brent lets me know that "he does this all the time" having no idea that his potential bosses are getting his "God is good" or "You know you've been married forever when..." forwards. Uggggggg. So Cyndi from FMC apparently didn't appreciate "why God is a woman" forward and told us to take her off the list. She obviously has no sense of humor. Woops. Please still hire him FMC, please.
The sun is shinning and there is snow on the ground. I'm wearing flip-flops and a skirt.  If you think it, it will come. Whose with me?!

....I forgot to take out the trash...again. Crap. 

So regardless, my husband and I will continue living happily ever after. 
 Until next time folks.


  1. I love reading your blogs liz, they make my day :) thanks for the smile!

  2. My gosh I love this blog. Hilarious! So how much do you have to pay to the court? Hope it is not too much!

    Kelly <3