Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kitty Cats and Laundry Baskets

I’ve always been quite the social butterfly, but never have I been so blessed to be surrounded by a group of friend so close to our hearts.  I love Sundays for a number of reasons. Mornings start with a hot cup of coffee and good morning kisses.  By 10:30 we’re off to Church, and about two hours later we find ourselves hanging out with the coolest cats around.  Our church family means the world to us, and we love hanging out with everyone.  They have become so much more than “church friends”, but the closest and dearest of friends we could have ever hoped for, and more like family.  Which brings us to today. 12:30 rolls around and Operation “Subway for lunch and showing off the new Clark residence” was ready to commence. We loved having the Hilty boys and girls and the Duncan ga(y)ng over.  I haven’t written a lot about our their precious children, so I will do so now.  (PS. Moms and Dads, Brent and I totally love you too, it’s just, your kids are way cooler.) 

So Mr. Dale and Mrs. Trista have these two adorable children whom we have adopted as our nieces. Little Miss Grace and litt(er) Miss Faith. We adore these girls, and some would say that they possibly adore us. But only because we bribe them. And let the record show that for my entire life, I loathed the idea of having girls. I wanted a house full of boys. I kinda like being the only Princess. But oh, how my mind has changed. Thanks a lot Duncans.  Now my future children have expectations to live up to and I’m worried I might not like them as much. Ha!


The Hilty Hoard of six are such a fun crowd! Nicole and Daylon’s boys are a boat-load of fun and they know everything about everything! And their two little(est) girls are just a cute as they come, so full of spunk!  We love getting to spend time with them, and I have learned so much about racing cars, star wars, and any movie ever made.  I don’t have any (biological) nieces or nephews, so being surrounded by these youngsters is such a hoot! 

 Hilty Clan

Anyway, you can get a little glimps of the Life of Faith and Grace on their rockstar mom’s blog here. Now that lady is ha-larious. Catch up on Aliens in your undies and Attic safety tips on proper shoe attire. 

So, today we all gathered at our house for lunch.  The boys nestled right on in to the racing video game, and aside from the occasional hoot and holler of racing drama, we heard little from them.   The trio of women enjoyed conversation and company while sipping coffee. Rewind: where are the other chillins? Let’s see…the boys are playing games, the baby is sleeping peacefully in her car seat (which is NOT located in the car for the time being, for the sake of being called bad pet and child care provider) and the parental units are hanging out. That leaves a couple of munchkins and a husband unaccounted for. Brent, willing and freely (he only accepts donations of hugs and high fives as payment) hung out with the girls who are so tightly wrapped around his little pinky finger.  Our conversations evolved around future lunch dates together feeding the homeless, sexy men our loving husbands and shopping sprees how to spend money wisely.

While Brent and the girls conversed mostly on their plans for the day. The options were as follows:  1. Spread dirt around with a broom Sweep every room in the house. 2. Drink soda out of fancy cups. 3. Capture the cat Stella in a laundry basket and keep her in there forever 4. Have a(nother) high-heel/fire fighter boots fashion show 5. Play in the attic (minus the high heels- fire boots permitted) or 6. Crawl up on the bed and take a nap. But don’t worry, major decisions like this weren’t left to chance…. the Candy Land game spinner decided their fate.  There was a little dispute on which number it actually landed on, so decisions were postponed to a later date—an investigation is pending.  Moms interfered as the Internal Affairs unit, and broke up any underground black market happenings and sentenced the kids to a long car ride home. 

I’ll say this: It might most definitely will be a long time before Brent and I have any kids of our own, but first off, it is so cool to see what type of father my husband will be; the best. He has a way with kids. Let the mental capacity comparison jokes begin! And secondly, being surrounded by such great girlfriends and even cooler beautiful amazing kids will suffice for quite some time.

Yay for good food, good friends, and a great God! Whoohoo!

Ps. the kitchen is undergoing a makeover. It’s currently having an identity crisis and will hopefully revel it’s new self soon.


  1. Oh Auntie Liz... I'm SO thankful I went to the bathroom BEFORE reading your post. I could NOT quit laughing!

    The renditions are fabulous! The memories are priceless and the Clarks are irreplaceable!

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. Awesome. I love how you always draw pictures. :)

  3. I have just found your blog, and hope you don't find it weird that I am commenting. But it is very funny. Yes, I sad at read every post already. Isn't it weird how people find others lives so interesting. Anyway, thanks for making us laugh...i'll spread the word. Ps. having "haters" is one step closer to making it to the top.


  4. Quite the artist! I have tons of nieces and no nephews, so I totally love the girl fun!


  5. well liz, I love my boys to death and would die without them. But when you and Brent pop out 3 girls and 1 boy. We can trade kids for a while so I can get my girl fix and you can get your "house full of boys" fix