Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shot guns with a hint of Spring.

Differences between Utah and Wyoming, more specifically Park City and Lyman.

When God says it's time for Spring...Utah actually obeys, while Wyoming protests until late June. (I say this as it's a blizzard in Park City. Go figure.)

SLC drivers cut you off in traffic for (usually) a legit reason (probably caused by another out of state driver), Wyoming drivers do it for the heck of it on a 10 mile stretch of open road.

Contrary to popular belief: diversity. 

You can't just leave your car running when you run into the store in Utah. Turns out, you end up sprinting across the parking lot to retrieve your keys and pull the hijacker out of the drivers seat

The tallest building in Wyoming is the same size as the Utah hair poof.

Wyoming wind has a constant direction and intensity. Utah wind can't pick a direction or a speed, therefore constantly spewing your perfect hair in every which way...therefore ruining your poof.

Things grow and multiply in Utah extremely well. That includes babies and shubberies.

The housing market: Prices are jacked the crap up in Lyman because a. materials cost the same BUT b. no one knows it exists thinks to move there. You can buy triple the house in Salt Lake that what you can in the Bridger Valley (Surprisingly)

Utah: your dog gets out; it gets hit by a car. Wyoming: your dog gets out and it gets shot. It's a loose, loose.

People from out of state are more willing to come visit you in Utah, for the fear they might blow away in Wyoming. 

Wyoming: You don't really have neighbors. Sucks when you need a cup of sugar, but great for...everything else ;)

The mountains are prettier and you can ski on them in Utah. 


The news actually pertains to you in Utah.

I love my Utah and my Wyoming. Right now my loyalty is staggering. 

oy vey.


  1. FUNNY post... love it! Love you! :)

  2. Wyoming is still a waaaay better place to live than Utah.


  3. wah haha.. I love it.

    Right now Utah is not treating me too good... but would be WY be better? Probably not. I want some consistent sunshine!

  4. Lesa, Let's just pack up and move to sunny south florida! Sound good? Or, we could trade for a month. You live in my house in WY and i'll head on over to your place in Utah. It will freshen up our views.

    Trista, right back at ya! love ya!

    Dale...I'd have to say 90% of the time you are right. I think this is part of the >10%

  5. I would much, much, MUCH, rather live in WY. I love living in the middle of nowhere and every time I go to Utah I can't breathe for a week when I get back, my kids get sick due to the air quality down there, and the people (drivers) make me crazy and what to shoot something or someone.
    So I think I'll stay in my own little bubble in my own little quiet corner of Wyoming where I can leave my kids in the car watching a movie for 5 min while I cun into the school or store, and can leave my doors unlocked when I run into town (yes I have to run into town and that's what we call it even when we lived in lyman going to the store was called going to town) I love how free I can be in wyoming and how much bigger the yards are, even though I currently don't have grass.
    Wanna come help me figure out landscaping?

  6. I think ducks are outlawed in Utah! Go Wyoming


  7. Move to Idaho... that's a perfect combination of both.