Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I love Easter time. It stems from my early childhood. I love everything about this time of year; it’s my very own “new year’s”.  I feel like everything has a new beginning come Spring. As a Christian, I look the Easter holiday as my time for resolutions, new promises, restoration and fulfillment.  So this is my season for change. Bring it on!!

So last year, I focused on not much more than my 'lellow egg and wedding plans. This year is so much different. Which is totally awesome. Every year that I live in Wyoming I am convinced this is the year that a. I will get (get; as in, be on the receiving end of the eggs. The one in search of those little plastic shells of heaven.) a stellar Easter egg hunt and a solid chocolate bunny and b. I’ll get to do it outside. As of yet, I have gotten one egg hunt and a ground covered in snow. So here’s to a Easter full of Christ, egg hunts, and good weather! ...and a chocolate bunny.

My EMT skills have been put to the test this past two weeks, as I served as the medic for the regional wrestling match. My goodness those kids are intense. And not just the kids! A gym full of children (5-16) running around in blue or red singlets (not ‘onesies’. Do not call them that…woops) And then a complete overtake of fathers running around coaching their child every minute of the day, followed by the moms who tuck the alternative onsies singlets into their front pocket with the head gear attached, I think this is a way of signifying their status. The kids crouch down into position, and it’s like WWE live happening right before my freakin eyes.  It’s pure amazingness .  Parents scream profanities words of encouragement as the kids sometimes forget what the heck they’re doing and get the deer in headlights look as they squirm around on the mat. My kid will most definitely be a wrestler. 

The weekend before, Miss Hillary Rose  came to town to visit mawh.  Normally she brings me a cool souvenir or some awesome pictures of a recent night out, but this time she brought me the coolest thing ever. Her new boyfriend. Ian goes above and beyond for her. They compliment each other very well. I told her if she didn’t stay with him, I’d more than likely consider having two husbands. Juuuust kidding. Brent’s my one and only, and if secondary husbands were legalized a choice, Tim Tebow would be my first pick. They are pretty cute together.  Just saying, Hill.

We had a great ski weekend in Park City thanks to my mom and pop. It was nice living the hot tub life style for a couple of days.

Not a whole lot else has changed. I’m starting to figure out my life is pretty lame, but I’m blaming it on the crappy weather. 


  1. haha love the pictures. :)
    I am really really looking forward to Easter this year too. Maddox is old enough it can be (somewhat) meaningful to him.. and fun. He's going to have his first ever Easter egg hunt. I'm excited.

    And I think everyone's life is kinda boring til it's nice outside, right? RIGHT?!