Monday, November 12, 2012

Driving Miss Lilly

I'm still just as smitten by this little one as I was the day we brought her home.  She soaks up this world faster than a submerged sponge.  Her eyes are always on alert, using her toes, her tongue and everything in between as feelers to learn her new world.  

We've felt the wind on our face duh, we live in Wyoming, the sand on our toes, it's more of a dirt consistency and we've danced the night away at the best of concerts mom, dad and aunty don't really count but they try their best

We've cheered for football games, laughed at silly faces, made silly faces in return, baked almost every recipe involving pumpkin, watched Nana play tennis, helped Grandpa build a chicken coop, pooped on Aunty, did a couple modeling shoots, spent some time with cousin Ryan, and can sometimes take a nap alone.  

Oh, and drove a pink car.

November has been productive. 

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